Come Book Shopping in NYC With Me! (my 5 fav stores + haul!) | Summary and Q&A

May 23, 2021
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Come Book Shopping in NYC With Me! (my 5 fav stores + haul!)


Regan takes viewers on a book shopping adventure in New York City, visiting her favorite bookstores and showcasing her haul.

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Key Insights

  • ⌛ Regan has been wanting to do a book shopping vlog in New York City for a long time.
  • 🇳🇨 There are numerous incredible bookstores in New York City, and Regan highlights five of her personal favorites.
  • 😆 Regan's haul includes a mix of memoirs, historical fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy, and more.
  • ❓ Each bookstore offers a different experience and specializes in various genres and themes.
  • 🍀 The bookstores visited by Regan are popular among book lovers for their curated selections and cozy atmospheres.
  • 📔 The book haul represents a mix of highly anticipated releases and titles that caught Regan's attention.
  • 🫵 Regan's vlog provides viewers with a virtual tour of the bookstores, showcasing their unique features and book collections.


hi guys it's regan and welcome to the start of an extra special vlog featuring one of my good friends monica but this vlog is extra special for a variety of reasons but the main one is it's going to be a come book shopping vlog in new york city this is a video i have been wanting to do for a very long time for well over a year but for obvious reaso... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Which bookstores does Regan visit in her book shopping vlog?

Regan visits McNally Jackson Books, Blue Stockings, Books of Wonder, Books Are Magic, and The Center for Fiction.

Q: What makes each bookstore unique?

McNally Jackson Books offers a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books organized in an easy-to-navigate way. Blue Stockings focuses on curating intersectional feminist stories and serves as a community space. Books of Wonder specializes in children's literature. Books Are Magic is a beautiful neighborhood bookstore with a curated selection of books. The Center for Fiction offers a stunning atmosphere and focuses on encouraging reading and writing.

Q: What types of books does Regan purchase in her haul?

Regan purchases a variety of books, including memoirs like "Crying in Hmart" by Michelle Zauner, historical fantasy like "A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians" by H.G. Perry, and sci-fi/fantasy like "The Ones We're Meant to Find" by Joan He.

Q: How does Regan describe her experience at the bookstores?

Regan enjoys the unique atmosphere and selection of books at each bookstore. She finds them cozy, well-curated, and a joy to explore.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Regan takes viewers to five of her favorite bookstores in New York City.

  • Each bookstore offers a unique selection and atmosphere, with a focus on different genres and themes.

  • Regan shares her book haul at the end, featuring a variety of genres and highly anticipated releases.

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