Chris Distefano Shares Real Life Stories About Ted Bundy and Son of Sam | Summary and Q&A

February 28, 2023
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Chris Distefano Shares Real Life Stories About Ted Bundy and Son of Sam

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In this video, Joe Rogan and his guests discuss various topics related to serial killers, including recent news about a potential serial killer named Ryan Holiday and the possibility of bringing back the firing squad for convicted murderers. They also discuss other notorious serial killers like Ted Bundy, the Son of Sam, and Henry Lee Lucas. The conversation touches on the tactics and psychology of serial killers, as well as the phenomenon of false confessions.

Questions & Answers

Q: What are they discussing about Ryan Holiday?

They mention that Ryan Holiday, a writer, bears a striking resemblance to a potential serial killer named Ryan Holiday. They share news about accusations and the potential connection to other crimes.

Q: What do they say about the possibility of bringing back the firing squad?

They mention the idea of bringing back the firing squad as a means of execution for convicted murderers. This discussion arises in the context of the potential serial killer, Ryan Holiday.

Q: Who is Henry Lee Lucas and what did he confess to?

Henry Lee Lucas was a notorious serial killer who confessed to hundreds of murders. However, there are doubts about the accuracy of his confessions, and it is believed that some crimes were wrongly attributed to him.

Q: Can people confess to crimes they didn't commit?

Yes, false confessions do occur. They discuss a show called "Blackbird" that explores a real-life case of a man who confessed to numerous murders. It highlights the issue of individuals confessing to crimes they did not actually commit.

Q: What is the story behind Ted Bundy and his encounter with Joe Rogan's mom's friend?

Joe Rogan shares a story about his mom's friend who went on a date with Ted Bundy before he became infamous as a serial killer. She felt a strong sense of unease and called her brother to pick her up. Later, Bundy was revealed to be a serial killer, and she recognized him from the news.

Q: Why do some serial killers give off an eerie energy?

The guest describes encountering Ted Bundy and witnessing a transformation in his face when he was preying on victims. He emphasizes that Bundy did not possess a sinister appearance all the time, but rather his face appeared contorted when he focused on predatory behavior.

Q: Is Larry Hall a serial killer mentioned in the conversation?

Yes, Larry Hall is mentioned as a serial killer whom the FBI wants to convict. They offer a deal to a con man in prison to get Hall to confess to a murder he committed.

Q: What is the show "Blackbird" about?

"Blackbird" is a show based on a true story. It follows the journey of a con man who is tasked with convincing another serial killer, Larry Hall, to confess to a murder. If successful, the con man will have his sentence commuted.

Q: Is the Son of Sam discussed?

Yes, the Son of Sam, also known as David Berkowitz, is mentioned briefly. They touch upon the fact that he may not have been responsible for all the murders attributed to him. Jerry, Joe Rogan's friend with prison experience, shares his opinion that Ronald Defeo, from the Amityville Horror case, was the most disturbed person he encountered.

Q: Are there any other interesting topics discussed in the video?

The conversation also delves into various aspects of the psychology and tactics of serial killers. They touch on the phenomenon of confessing to false crimes, the manipulation used by some killers, and the lack of rehabilitation for certain individuals.


This video showcases the chilling nature of serial killers and the impact they have on society. It highlights the potential for false confessions, the ability of some killers to mask their true intentions, and the lasting trauma experienced by those who have encountered these criminals. It serves as a reminder of the disturbing, yet fascinating, aspects of human behavior.

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