ChatGPT Memory, Nvidia's New Chatbot and More! | Summary and Q&A

February 16, 2024
The AI Advantage
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ChatGPT Memory, Nvidia's New Chatbot and More!


This week's AI use cases and releases include a new chat GPT feature for personalized conversations, a book summarizer tool, AI-generated personalized songs, voice monetization, image editing in Microsoft co-pilot, a speed boost for advanced AI art tools, and Nvidia's entry into the AI chatbot space.

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Key Insights

  • 👤 OpenAI's chat GPT feature offers a more user-friendly way to personalize conversations, although it may not be revolutionary for advanced users.
  • 📔 The book summarizer tool provides concise summaries and insights, making it an efficient way to grasp the essence of a book.
  • 🎁 Sunno AI's customized Valentine's Day songs add a personal touch to gifts and showcase AI's capability for creative presents.
  • 👶 Voice monetization by selling AI voices represents a new direction in the creator economy and generative AI tools.
  • 😀 Microsoft co-pilot's image editing feature showcases the convergence of AI tools into a unified app, simplifying workflows.
  • 🥰 Forge web UI's speed boost for AI art tools expands access to previously demanding models and enhances the creativity of AI-generated art.
  • 👨‍🎨 Comi UI's new workflows empower users with more capabilities in generating image mosaics and 3D models, advancing AI-driven art.


in this week's AI use cases we had so many releases and they're very diverse ranging from a new chat GPT feature over a new way to use your voice to monetize it with AI all the way to Nvidia introducing a personalized AI chat bot and before we get started let me just address the elephant in a room and that is that this was the biggest week for AI a... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does OpenAI's chat GPT feature work?

OpenAI's chat GPT feature automatically gathers context from previous conversations, allowing for more personalized results. It saves the information as a memory bank and incorporates it into future prompts, eliminating the need for manual input of personalized context.

Q: What benefits does the book summarizer tool offer?

The book summarizer tool, Samarai sapiens, provides an 80/20 analysis of books, offering the essence of the content and key takeaways. It also provides an action plan, highlights blind spots, and recommends similar books for further reading.

Q: How does Sunno AI contribute to personalized gifting?

Sunno AI allows users to create custom Valentine's Day songs for personalized gifts. This unique use case adds a customized touch to presents and makes them more memorable and special.

Q: How does 11 Lab's new feature enable monetization?

11 Lab's new feature, voice actor payouts, allows users to create AI voices and earn money by selling them to others. While it opens up new possibilities, users should consider the potential implications of giving away their voice for various purposes.

Q: What new capabilities does Microsoft co-pilot offer?

Microsoft co-pilot now includes image editing features, enabling users to edit images within the app itself. This signifies the integration of multiple AI tools into a single application, simplifying workflows and enhancing user experience.

Q: How does Forge web UI improve AI art tools?

Forge web UI offers a speed boost for AI art tools, making them more accessible to users with less powerful GPUs. Users can expect a 60-75% increase in speed, enabling smoother and faster generation of AI-generated art.

Q: What advancements are showcased in the new comi workflows?

The new comi workflows allow users to generate image mosaics and 3D models with ease. These advancements make previously demanding AI art tools more usable, opening up possibilities for creating visually stunning and immersive experiences.

Q: What do Nvidia's personalized chat assistant offer?

Nvidia's personalized chat assistant combines hardware and software capabilities to provide users with a powerful AI chatbot. Its integration of open-source models and future advancements suggest a potential shift towards vertical integration in the AI space.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI introduces a new chat GPT feature that automatically gathers personalized context from previous conversations, making it more user-friendly.

  • A book summarizer tool called Samarai sapiens utilizes AI to provide 80/20 analysis and recommendation for book summaries beyond specific prompts.

  • Sunno AI offers the unique use case of creating custom Valentine's Day songs for personalized gifts.

  • 11 Lab's new feature enables voice actors to monetize their voice by creating AI voices that can be sold to others.

  • Microsoft co-pilot adds image editing capabilities, showcasing the convergence of various AI tools into a single app.

  • Forge web UI offers a speed boost for AI art tools, making them more accessible for users with lower-powered GPUs.

  • Comi UI introduces new workflows for generating image mosaics and 3D models, enhancing creativity in AI art.

  • Nvidia enters the AI chatbot arena with a personalized chat assistant that combines hardware and software capabilities.

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