Canva 2.0: What's new (focus on the UI & UX) | Summary and Q&A

September 13, 2018
Design with Canva
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Canva 2.0: What's new (focus on the UI & UX)


Canva 2.0 brings several new features to enhance user interface and user experience, with improvements in search functionality, language options, collapsible side panels, text boxes, element presentation, background color changes, page management, exporting options, alignment assistance, and folder organization.

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Key Insights

  • 👤 Canva 2.0 improves user interface and user experience with new features and enhancements across various aspects of the platform.
  • 👤 The search bar functionality and language options aim to make Canva more accessible and user-friendly for a diverse user base.
  • 👤 Collapsible side panels and resizable elements provide users with more workspace and greater control over their designs.
  • 💦 Canva 2.0 enhances the text functionality with font search and the ability to upload custom fonts for Canva for Work users.
  • 📟 Changes in element presentation, background color options, and page management offer improved organization and efficiency.
  • 👤 Expanded exporting options, including PDF print capabilities, cater to users' diverse needs for sharing and printing designs.
  • 🎨 Improved alignment assistance and keyboard shortcuts boost productivity and streamline the design workflow.


hey guys this is Ronnie with a brand new tutorial about canva and today is a very big one indeed yesterday canva officially launched canva 2.0 the updated version of canva about ten days ago canva reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to become a better user for canva 2.0 of course I said yes and I had about 10 days to play around with the new... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can users access Canva 2.0?

Canva 2.0 is being rolled out gradually to all users. Users can log out of their account and sign back in to refresh their access to Canva 2.0. The "Explorer Canva 2.0" button will appear if the new version is available.

Q: What are the main differences in Canva 2.0's user interface and user experience?

The main differences include the introduction of a search bar for easy design and template discovery, accessibility in multiple languages, collapsible side panels, redesigned text boxes with font search functionality, improved element presentation, changes in background color options, enhanced alignment assistance, expanded exporting options, and the ability to organize designs and photos into folders for Canva for Work users.

Q: How can users change the language in Canva 2.0?

Users can go to their Canva account settings, accessed by clicking on the arrow next to their name, and select the desired language from the language drop-down list.

Q: Are there any new features related to text in Canva 2.0?

Yes, Canva 2.0 introduces the ability to search for fonts, making it faster to find and select the desired font. Canva for Work users also have the option to upload their own fonts directly from the text settings, eliminating the need to go to the main dashboard.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Canva 2.0 offers a new search bar to easily find designs and templates based on search terms rather than scrolling through options.

  • The platform is now available in multiple languages, providing access to over 1 billion people.

  • The side panel can be collapsed to create more working space, and text boxes have been redesigned with additional font search functionality.

  • Element presentation has changed, allowing for faster browsing and selection.

  • Background colors can now be changed through color options or by adding a shape with the desired color.

  • Page management has been improved with the ability to rename pages, select specific pages for exporting, and create up to 100 pages in one document.

  • Exporting options have been expanded to include various file formats, including PDF options for printing.

  • Aligning and centering elements has been enhanced with improved AI assistance.

  • Canva for Work users can now organize designs and photos into folders for easier access and management.

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