Cancelled feat. Shane Gillis - Full Episode | Summary and Q&A

December 11, 2019
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Cancelled feat. Shane Gillis - Full Episode


Shane Gillis, a comedian known for his controversial remarks, reflects on his short-lived stint at SNL and discusses the backlash he faced due to offensive comments made in his podcast.

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Key Insights

  • 😣 Controversial remarks made by comedians can have severe consequences, as seen in Shane Gillis' case with his SNL opportunity being rescinded.
  • 🫥 The line between comedy and offense is subjective, and comedians must be mindful of the impact their words can have, especially in an age of cancel culture.
  • 💬 The controversy surrounding Gillis highlights the power of social media and how quickly comments can spread and result in significant backlash.


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Questions & Answers

Q: What were the offensive comments made by Shane Gillis in his podcast?

Gillis made remarks targeting Asian individuals in his podcast, using racial slurs and making offensive jokes about Chinese culture. He acknowledges the insensitivity of his comments and expresses regret for the impact they had on others.

Q: How did Shane Gillis respond to the backlash he faced?

Gillis initially defended his comments, claiming they were part of his comedic style. However, he eventually issued an apology for his offensive remarks and expressed remorse for any harm caused. He also acknowledges the need for accountability and learning from his mistakes.

Q: How did Shane Gillis end up as a cast member on SNL?

Gillis auditioned for SNL and impressed the producers with his stand-up performance. He was initially offered a role as a writer, but due to his unique style and ability to push boundaries, he was brought on as a full cast member.

Q: What impact did the controversy have on Shane Gillis' career?

The controversy surrounding his offensive remarks led to Gillis being fired from SNL before he even had a chance to appear on the show. It also brought negative attention to his comedy career, causing him to face backlash and criticism from various media outlets and the public.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Shane Gillis, a former SNL cast member, discusses the controversy that led to his departure from the show.

  • Gillis acknowledges the offensive comments he made in his podcast and reflects on the negative impact they had on his career.

  • He discusses the challenges of being labeled as racist and defends his intent behind the remarks, claiming they were meant to be comedic.

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