Bullet Journal PLAN WITH ME August 2016 | Summary and Q&A

July 26, 2016
Caitlin's Corner
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Bullet Journal PLAN WITH ME August 2016


This video showcases a simple and creative approach to designing August bullet journal pages, with ideas for a monthly calendar, habit tracker, gratitude page, apartment layout, back-to-school shopping list, and weekly dailies.

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Key Insights

  • 🚄 August bullet journal pages can be kept simple and minimalistic for a clean and organized layout.
  • 📟 Creative elements like doodles, quotes, and colors can add visual interest to each page.
  • 📟 Different page ideas, such as mood tracker, gratitude page, apartment layout, and shopping list, cater to various needs and preferences.
  • 🕴️ The author emphasizes the importance of personalization and adapting page designs to suit individual requirements.
  • 🚄 The bullet journal can serve as a creative outlet for doodling and artwork even if not participating in a specific challenge.
  • 🫵 The video provides inspiration for future pages and encourages viewers to share their suggestions for upcoming content.
  • 🆘 Weekly spreads help organize tasks and events for more focused planning.


everyone that so August is just around the corner I can't believe my summer is almost coming to an end but nonetheless is that time of the month where I have to do my pages my monthly pages so that's what I'm going to be doing today and without further ado let me just get right into it the first page for the month of August is the month of the glan... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of the month at a glance page?

The month at a glance page serves as a quick overview of the entire month, allowing the user to see important dates and events at a glance.

Q: How does the mood tracker work?

The mood tracker helps track and analyze emotions throughout the month. Different categories are assigned to track various aspects, such as happiness, stress, or productivity. The creator uses colors and doodles to visually represent the mood.

Q: What is the benefit of a gratitude page?

The gratitude page provides a space to express gratitude and appreciation. The creator suggests a block-style approach, where each day's gratitude is represented by a block, creating a visual representation of gratitude over time.

Q: How can the apartment layout page be useful?

The apartment layout page allows the creator to visualize and plan furniture placement in their new apartment. It serves as a convenient reference for future rearrangements and modifications.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video demonstrates how to create a month at a glance page by drawing a simple calendar layout and adding a title.

  • The creator then shows how to design an August mood tracker with categories and a quote, using doodles and colors.

  • Next, she shares her real tracker and gratitude page designs, both keeping the layout simple and minimalistic.

  • The content also includes examples of an apartment layout page and a back-to-school shopping list page.

  • The video concludes by showcasing the creator's first week of August daily spread, featuring labeled boxes and a small to-do list section.

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