Broke & Homeless To $10,000 In 24 Hours! | Summary and Q&A

January 25, 2024
Simon Squibb
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Broke & Homeless To $10,000 In 24 Hours!


A stranger named Paul receives $10,000 and support for his app after participating in challenging tasks and sharing his entrepreneurial journey.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Tramble is an app that encourages personal challenges and accountability among friends, making activities more engaging.
  • ❓ Entrepreneurship involves numerous challenges, financial struggles, and sacrifices, as demonstrated by Paul's story.
  • 🧑‍🏭 Acts of kindness and support from others can have a profound impact on someone's entrepreneurial journey, as shown by Help Bank HQ's contribution.
  • 😀 The app Tramble has the potential to gain significant traction and users when marketed effectively.
  • 😫 Business incorporation services like Awesome can assist entrepreneurs in setting up their ventures by navigating legal processes and offering financial guidance.
  • 🥺 Challenging oneself and stepping out of comfort zones can lead to personal growth and exciting opportunities.
  • 🥹 Influencers and social media personalities hold significant influence, with some having millions of followers and even getting paid for pictures.
  • 👨‍💼 The importance of financial stability and breathing room when launching and developing a business is crucial, as evidenced by the $8,000 presented to Paul.


I gave a stranger $10,000 after only knowing him a few hours you deserve a break four weeks ago Paul rang the doorbell at help Bank HQ in London my name is Paul SS I'm the founder of tramble he's created an app called tramble where you can challenge your friends I was wondering if I could try on your who wants the master we all live on a yellow sub... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the app Tramble?

Tramble is an app created by Paul that allows users to challenge their friends and win money if they fail. It promotes accountability and engagement among users.

Q: How did Paul overcome his challenges and financial struggles?

Paul's determination and passion for his app helped him push through difficult times. He believed in his idea and continued to persevere despite facing debts and relationship strains.

Q: How did Paul receive $10,000 and marketing support for his app?

The persons behind Help Bank HQ were impressed by Paul's commitment and decided to reward him with $10,000 as a gesture of support. They will also help market his app to boost its visibility.

Q: Can anyone participate in challenges and receive financial assistance?

The specific circumstances of Paul's story were unique. While it is possible for individuals to receive support for their entrepreneurial journey, it typically requires demonstrating passion, potential, and dedication.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Paul, the founder of an app called Tramble, visits Help Bank HQ in London to participate in challenges and promote his app.

  • He engages in various challenges, such as asking for hugs, pretending to drown, singing as a Beatles impersonator, and wearing a police hat.

  • Despite facing many struggles and debts, Paul receives $10,000 and marketing support for his app, offering a fresh start to his entrepreneurial journey.

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