British pound crashes, Do Kwon's red notice, NASA's DART mission, TikTok nears US deal | E1570 | Summary and Q&A

September 26, 2022
This Week in Startups
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British pound crashes, Do Kwon's red notice, NASA's DART mission, TikTok nears US deal | E1570


  • NASA's experimental asteroid defense mission tests our capability to push hazardous space rocks off course, averting potential disaster.

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Key Insights

  • 👾 Current planetary defense missions aim to test and refine our capability to deflect hazardous space rocks from impacting Earth.
  • 👾 Collaborative efforts from space agencies like NASA are crucial in developing advanced technologies to protect Earth from celestial threats.
  • 💋 The successful outcome of this mission could mark a significant milestone in our ability to mitigate potential extinction-level events caused by cosmic collisions.


hey everybody welcome it's Monday Monday Monday we have a huge new show already and we're not even we didn't even stockpile any news over the weekend this is all just like breaking today maybe a little bit over the weekend I guess yeah first up we're going to talk about the British pound crashing and possibility that could hit parity with the US do... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is NASA's mission involving the Dart spacecraft and why is it significant?

NASA's mission involves testing our ability to push an asteroid's moonlit off course as a defense against potential catastrophic impacts on Earth. It's significant as a step towards protecting our planet from asteroid threats.

Q: How does the planned collision with the giant asteroid dimorphous contribute to Earth's safety?

The collision aims to alter the moonlit's trajectory, demonstrating the feasibility of redirecting hazardous space rocks away from Earth and preventing potential impact events.

Q: How does the proposed experiment help us understand and prepare for potential cosmic threats?

By successfully deterring an asteroid from its course, NASA's test can shed light on effective planetary defense strategies against celestial collisions, offering insights to prevent future impact events.

Q: What are the implications of this mission for future space exploration and asteroid defense technology?

The outcomes of this mission could revolutionize our ability to defend Earth from cosmic threats, paving the way for advanced technologies to safeguard our planet and enhance space exploration capabilities.


In this video, the host discusses various topics including the crashing British pound, issuance of a red notice for Terraform Labs founder Dokwon, and the potential asteroid defense mission by NASA. The host also touches on the issues of fiscal policies, inflation, and the effects on startups and the economy at large.

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the potential implications of the British pound crashing and possibly hitting parity with the US dollar?

The crashing of the British pound and the possibility of it reaching parity with the US dollar could have significant impacts on startups, macroeconomic policies, and capital allocation. Startups might face challenges in terms of importing goods into the UK due to increased costs. This could affect their ability to operate and potentially lead to a global contagion. From a macroeconomic perspective, it raises questions about fiscal and monetary policies and their effectiveness in stimulating the economy. Capital allocation strategies may also need to be reevaluated in light of currency fluctuations.

Q: What are the potential consequences of Interpol issuing a red notice for Dokwon?

A red notice from Interpol means that countries around the world are actively searching for and can arrest Dokwon. This indicates the seriousness of the charges he is facing related to the collapse of cryptocurrencies and alleged money laundering. It is a significant development that could lead to his extradition and a formal trial. South Korea, in particular, is taking this matter seriously and considering it a major crime.

Q: What is the NASA Asteroid Defense mission mentioned in the video?

The NASA Asteroid Defense mission discussed in the video involves crashing a golf cart into an asteroid in an attempt to alter its trajectory and prevent it from posing a threat to Earth. The mission aims to demonstrate a potential method for diverting asteroids that could potentially cause an extinction-level event. This futuristic approach showcases the advancements in technology and space exploration in the modern era.

Q: What is the significance of the discussion on fiscal and monetary policy, trickle-down economics, and inflation?

The host delves into the complex topics of fiscal and monetary policy, as well as trickle-down economics and their relationship to inflation. By exploring the historical context and theories behind these concepts, the video aims to shed light on the complexities of economic decision-making and their impact on society. These discussions highlight the importance of understanding economic policies in order to navigate the current financial landscape.

Q: What potential implications does the red notice have on Dokwon's future and the crypto industry?

The issuance of a red notice by Interpol for Dokwon raises questions about his potential extradition and the legal consequences he may face. If apprehended, he could undergo a formal trial and be held accountable for the alleged crimes related to the collapse of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, this development could impact the crypto industry as it raises concerns about fraudulent practices and the need for increased regulation and oversight.

Q: How does the crashing British pound affect startups and business opportunities in the UK?

The crashing British pound could have both positive and negative effects on startups and business opportunities in the UK. On one hand, it may make it more affordable for startups to expand their operations or establish satellite offices in the UK due to the lower costs. This could potentially attract entrepreneurs who were considering other locations for their business. On the other hand, the increased costs of importing goods into the UK could pose challenges for startups and affect their profitability.

Q: How does the discussion on monetary policy connect to the current economic climate?

The host reflects on the potential issues with loose monetary policy and the need for moderation and thoughtful decision-making. The prolonged period of near-zero interest rates in the US and the availability of easy money have raised concerns about the sustainability of the current economic state. The discussions on monetary policy aim to encourage a deeper understanding of the impact of interest rates, inflation, and government spending on the economy as a whole.

Q: What are the potential long-term effects of income inequality and how does it relate to recent economic and political trends?

Income inequality is a pressing issue that has far-reaching implications for economies and societies. The host mentions that it has historically led to revolutions, conflicts, and populist movements. The recent surge in income inequality has fueled dissatisfaction and a sense of unfairness among the general population. This discontent has played out in various political and economic trends such as the rise of right-wing factions, populist revolts, and demands for equitable wealth distribution. Understanding income inequality is crucial for addressing the root causes of social and economic instability.

Q: How does the discussion on immigration relate to the current economic landscape?

The host brings up the topic of immigration and its potential role in stimulating economic growth. By discussing the benefits and challenges of immigration, the video highlights how a well-thought-out immigration policy can address labor shortages, promote economic productivity, and fill skill gaps. The host mentions the importance of having a comprehensive plan that considers factors such as personal qualifications, language proficiency, and assimilation within the host country.

Q: What are the potential consequences of the collapse of cryptocurrency and risky financial practices?

The collapse of cryptocurrencies and the exposure of risky financial practices can have severe consequences for both individuals and the financial system as a whole. Investors may lose significant amounts of money, leading to financial hardship and a loss of trust in digital assets. It can also raise concerns about the lack of oversight and regulation in the cryptocurrency industry. This highlights the need for increased transparency, accountability, and responsible financial practices within the sector.


The video covers a wide range of topics including the crashing British pound, the red notice for Dokwon, the NASA Asteroid Defense mission, fiscal and monetary policy, income inequality, immigration, and cryptocurrency risks. These discussions highlight the complexities and interconnectedness of global events and their impact on startups, the economy, and society. It underscores the importance of understanding economic principles and making informed decisions to navigate the current financial landscape.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • NASA is using a robotic spacecraft to hit an asteroid to test our defense mechanism against catastrophic cosmic collisions.

  • The mission aims to push an asteroid's moonlit off its course to prevent hazardous space rocks from heading towards Earth.

  • If successful, this experiment could pave the way for safeguarding Earth against potential extinction-level events.

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