Brad Feld: Great Entrepreneurs Go Out and Do [Entire Talk] | Summary and Q&A

October 20, 2011
Stanford eCorner
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Brad Feld: Great Entrepreneurs Go Out and Do [Entire Talk]

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In this video, Brad Feld, managing director at Foundry Group, discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and investor. He shares valuable insights about entrepreneurship, building entrepreneurial communities, and work-life balance.

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Brad get into entrepreneurship?

Brad got interested in entrepreneurship while studying at MIT. He started his first company when he was a sophomore and eventually built a successful company called Feld Technologies.

Q: What was Brad's experience like during the dot-com bubble?

Brad experienced a challenging time during the dot-com bubble, with his worst year being in 2001. He also went through a personal emotional dislocation after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Q: How did Brad transition from being an angel investor to a venture capitalist?

Brad made around 30 angel investments with the money he earned from selling his company. He later co-founded Mobius Venture Capital, which then evolved into Foundry Group.

Q: What are Brad's principles for building entrepreneurial communities?

Brad believes that entrepreneurial communities should be led by entrepreneurs, have a long-term view, engage the entire entrepreneurial stack, and constantly attract new talent.

Q: What are some of Brad's other interests and projects?

Brad has written several books, including "Do More Faster" and "Venture Deals." He is currently working on a book called "Entrepreneurial Communities" and another one called "Startup Marriage: How To Survive And Thrive A Relationship With An Entrepreneur."

Q: How did Brad and his wife navigate work-life balance?

Brad and his wife had a moment of realization when they realized that their relationship was suffering due to Brad's work commitments. They established rules, such as taking quarterly vacations off the grid, to prioritize their relationship.

Q: What does Brad believe is the key to success as an entrepreneur?

Brad believes that successful entrepreneurs are those who make a decision to do something and then go after it with full determination. He emphasizes the importance of passion and obsession with the product or vision.

Q: How does Brad approach investing at Foundry Group?

Foundry Group focuses on making early-stage software and internet investments across the United States. They prioritize working with entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate and obsessed with their products.

Q: How has Brad's perspective on entrepreneurship evolved over time?

Brad's perspective has shifted from being obsessed with clients and the work product to prioritizing the passion and vision of the entrepreneurs he works with. He believes that effective entrepreneurs are focused on their products and value customer feedback.

Q: What does Brad consider to be his greatest accomplishments?

Brad takes pride in the effort he puts into his work and the things he learns along the way. He values continuous learning and discovering new things. He has enjoyed writing books and exploring self-publishing.


Brad Feld provides valuable insights into entrepreneurship, building entrepreneurial communities, and work-life balance. He emphasizes the importance of passion, obsession, and continuous learning in entrepreneurship. Brad believes in taking deliberate actions, surrounding oneself with like-minded people, and doing things that one truly loves. He also highlights the importance of communication and prioritizing relationships in maintaining work-life balance.

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