Boston Dynamics CEO on leadership | Robert Playter and Lex Fridman | Summary and Q&A

May 3, 2023
Lex Clips
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Boston Dynamics CEO on leadership | Robert Playter and Lex Fridman


The CEO of Boston Dynamics shares insights on the qualities required for leadership and hiring, including courage, adaptability, and the ability to tap into candidates' passion through thoughtful interview processes.

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Key Insights

  • 🥺 Courage is necessary for both tackling challenges and leading a team of talented engineers.
  • ⌛ Adaptability is crucial as job responsibilities and roles evolve over time.
  • 😤 Tapping into candidates' passion and assessing problem-solving abilities are important factors in hiring a great team.
  • 👻 Effective interview processes should focus on allowing candidates to showcase their expertise and excitement for their work.
  • 🌥️ Standardized processes used by larger companies may provide more efficient hiring, but they may not fully tap into a candidate's individuality and passion.
  • 💦 Attention to details is important in engineering work, and candidates who can articulate and demonstrate these details stand out.
  • 🈺 Being open to shifting directions and taking on various aspects of the business can lead to success in leadership roles.


you are the CEO of Boston Dynamics uh what's it take to be SEO of a robotics company she started as a humble engineer uh PhD um just looking at your journey what does it take to go from being from building the thing to Leading a company what are some of the big challenges for you uh courage I would I would put front and center for multiple reasons ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the main challenges of being the CEO of Boston Dynamics?

One of the biggest challenges is having the courage to tackle difficult problems and lead a team of exceptional engineers. It also requires trusting one's abilities while recognizing that there are others who may be more technically skilled.

Q: How did you transition from being an engineer to leading a company?

The transition occurred naturally over time as there was always a need for management in various areas. I stepped in whenever there was a gap that needed to be filled, which often included directions in management, business development, and human resources.

Q: How did you develop an effective interview process for hiring a great engineering team?

Our interview process focuses on tapping into candidates' passion and assessing their problem-solving abilities. We ask them to describe a project they worked on, probing to understand their expertise, and observe their excitement and dedication to the work.

Q: What are the differences between Boston Dynamics' interview process and the process used by larger companies like Google?

Boston Dynamics focuses on asking candidates to give a presentation, regardless of their role. This provides insight into their skills, presentation abilities, and passion. Google, on the other hand, opts for more standardized questions and coding challenges, prioritizing a uniform process for hiring on a larger scale.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The CEO emphasizes the importance of courage in tackling hard problems and leading a team of talented engineers.

  • Adaptability has been crucial in his career, as the job and responsibilities constantly changed over the years.

  • A willingness to tackle any aspect of the business and shift directions when necessary has been key to his success.

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