Booktuber Shoutouts! | Summary and Q&A

April 21, 2014
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Booktuber Shoutouts!


This video is a shoutout to several Booktubers who have great personalities, similar book tastes, and provide entertaining and informative content.

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Key Insights

  • 👀 The content creator watches and recommends Booktubers with similar book tastes and great personalities.
  • 🤑 Both experienced Booktubers and newer ones deserve recognition and support.
  • 🫠 Booktubers who read a variety of genres and provide entertaining and informative content are highly valued.
  • 🎮 The content creator appreciates Booktubers who upload consistent and engaging videos.
  • 👀 Personal connections and friendships with Booktubers make watching their content more enjoyable.
  • 🫓 Some Booktubers have a specific niche, like Penelope Pic, who does themed TBRs each month.
  • ❓ Booktubers who provide different perspectives and recommendations from the content creator are appreciated.


hey guys it's Reagan and today I wanted to do my first booktuber shoutouts video where I just tell you about booktubers I really like to watch but before I get started one I have to say this will not this will be the first of many of these videos cuz I watch a lot of booktubers and this was actually really hard for me to narrow down cuz I just want... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Who is the content creator's book best friend and why should we subscribe to her?

The content creator's book best friend is Jenny from jellify. They have been friends since last June and share similar book tastes. Jenny's videos are funny and her reviews are great, making her a must-watch for anyone who enjoys the content creator's videos.

Q: Which Booktuber has the most lovely personality, reads a variety of genres, and provides the best book hauls?

Perpetual pag has a lovely personality and reads a wide variety of genres, making her a great Booktuber to follow. She also has the best book hauls that are drool-worthy and enjoyable to watch.

Q: Who is the Booktuber that the content creator recently discovered, finds really funny, and does interesting "as I read" videos?

Elizabeth Olen is a recently discovered Booktuber who has become an automatic watch for the content creator. Her videos are funny, and she has a series called "as I read" where she gives updates and filmed reactions as she reads.

Q: Which Booktuber serves as the content creator's fantasy go-to person, provides great recommendations, and has a funny personality?

Connor Oen is the Booktuber who is considered the content creator's fantasy go-to man. He has a great variety of fantasy recommendations, a funny personality, and is starting to upload consistently.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator shares their favorite Booktubers, emphasizing their personalities, book tastes, and the genres they cover.

  • The Booktubers mentioned range from experienced ones with a large following to newer ones who deserve more recognition.

  • Each Booktuber is described with enthusiasm, highlighting their unique qualities and why the content creator enjoys watching them.

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