Bookish Academy Awards 2018!! | Summary and Q&A

March 10, 2018
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Bookish Academy Awards 2018!!


Regan presents her annual video bookish academy awards, highlighting her favorite books from the previous year in various categories.

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Key Insights

  • 🌍 Regan's bookish academy awards highlight the diversity and creativity within the book world.
  • 😮 She values well-developed characters who surprise and engage the reader.
  • ❓ The importance of representation and exploration of social issues in literature is emphasized.
  • ❓ Unique and imaginative settings contribute to a memorable reading experience.
  • 📔 Standalone books can be as powerful and enjoyable as series.
  • 📔 Book covers play a significant role in attracting readers.
  • 🍰 Novellas and short novels offer concise but impactful stories.


hey guys it's regan and today i'm here to do my annual video bookish academy awards this is always one of my favorite videos to film every single year it is a riff on the academy awards but honestly the better version because it's all about books that's right this is a book tag that shows off all of the normal oscar categories but instead of having... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Who is Regan and what is she doing in this video?

Regan is a booktuber who presents her annual bookish academy awards, a book tag video in which she highlights her favorite books from the previous year.

Q: How does Regan determine the winners in each category?

Regan selects the winners based on the books she read during the previous year, regardless of when the books were actually published. She considers various factors such as characters, plots, themes, and overall enjoyment.

Q: What are some of the categories in the bookish academy awards?

Some of the categories include Best Actor and Best Actress (favorite male and female protagonists), Best Plot Twist (most surprising or engaging plot), Favorite Book Cover (most visually appealing), Best Sidekick Character (favorite supporting characters), Most Unique World (most distinctive and imaginative setting), and Best Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction (favorite historical book).

Q: What is Regan's favorite standalone book from the previous year?

Regan selects "The Tower of Dawn" by Sarah J. Maas as her favorite standalone book. Although it may be part of a larger series, Regan believes it could function as a standalone because it focuses on specific characters' stories.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Regan presents her annual bookish academy awards, a book tag that celebrates the best books she read from the previous year.

  • Categories include Best Actor and Best Actress, Best Plot Twist, Favorite Book Cover, Best Sidekick Character, Most Unique World, Best Animated Feature, Best Author Discovery, Best Action, Favorite Novella/Short Novel, Favorite Standalone Book, and Favorite Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction.

  • Regan provides her personal picks for each category, discussing the characters, plots, and themes that make these books noteworthy.

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