BEST UNDERHYPED BOOKS EP 1| YA CONTEMPORARY (book recommendations) | Summary and Q&A

September 15, 2020
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In this video, Megan discusses under-hyped contemporary books that she loves and recommends.

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Key Insights

  • ðŸŽŪ Megan's video recommends under-hyped contemporaries that may not get as much attention as popular books.
  • 📔 The recommended books cover a range of topics, including friendship, grief, chronic illness, self-discovery, and small town romance.
  • ðŸ˜ĩ Each book explores unique elements such as a cross-country run, a road trip, or a connection to a fandom.
  • ðŸŦ  The video highlights the importance of giving exposure to lesser-known books and expanding reading horizons beyond popular titles.
  • 👀 Readers looking for diverse characters, emotional depth, and engaging storytelling will find these recommendations appealing.
  • ðŸĪ• The books mentioned span different age groups and can be enjoyed by teenagers as well as adults.
  • ðŸĪž By sharing these recommendations, Megan hopes to bring attention to these underappreciated books and authors.


hey guys what is up my name is megan welcome back to my channel or welcome if you're new today we are here to combine two video ideas which i really like and make them into one it is also the start of a new series on my channel so basically we're combining the idea of discussing under hyped books so books that i don't see a lot of booktubers bookst... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the book "The End of Our Story" by Meg Hatson about?

"The End of Our Story" follows the main character Bridget as she reconnects with her former best friend Will after a family loss. They navigate their past friendship, the events that led to their estrangement, and the grief they both carry.

Q: Why does Megan recommend "The Thing with Feathers" by McCall Hoyle?

Megan recommends this book because it features a main character, Emily, who has epilepsy and navigates going to a real high school, making friends, and dealing with her chronic illness and the fear of having a seizure in front of others. It also explores themes of romance, literature, and self-discovery.

Q: What is "A Heart in the Body in the World" by Deb Caletti about?

In "A Heart in the Body in the World," the main character, Rumi, copes with the loss of her sister through a cross-country run. Along the way, she reflects on her grief, meets different people, and navigates relationships while finding healing and self-discovery.

Q: How does "Geekerella" by Ashley Poston fit into the Once Upon a Khan series?

"Geekerella" is the first book in the Once Upon a Khan series and is a retelling of Cinderella. The series continues with "The Princess and the Fangirl," a retelling of The Prince and the Pauper, and "Bookish and the Beast," a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The series explores fandom and connects characters within the starfield show/movie franchise.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Megan introduces a new series on her channel that combines the idea of discussing under-hyped books and talking about books she loves but doesn't mention enough.

  • She starts with discussing why she loves contemporaries and recommends "The End of Our Story" by Meg Hatson, a book about two former friends reconnecting after a family loss.

  • Megan also recommends two books by McCall Hoyle, "The Thing with Feathers" about a girl with epilepsy navigating high school, and "Meet the Sky" about a girl's journey during a hurricane.

  • She then talks about her favorite book of 2019, "Small Town Hearts" by Lily Vale, which explores small town romance and self-discovery.

  • Other recommendations include "Don't Date Rosa Santos" by Nina Moreno, "The Geography of Lost Things" by Jessica Brody, "Let's Get Lost" by Adi Alsaid, "A Heart in the Body in the World" by Deb Caletti, and the "Once Upon a Khan" series.

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