Believathon Week #1🦋 | new glasses, "meh" books and car trouble | Summary and Q&A

November 11, 2020
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Believathon Week #1🦋 | new glasses, "meh" books and car trouble


The vlogger participates in the Believathon readathon, receives new glasses, and prepares birthday surprises for family members.

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Key Insights

  • 🧑‍⚕️ The vlogger experienced setbacks in her reading progress due to work, health issues, and other personal challenges.
  • 😎 She is excited about receiving her new glasses and plans to christmify her Animal Crossing island.
  • 😮 The vlogger found the book "The Strangers" to be predictable and was not impressed with the plot or writing style.
  • 😑 She expresses disappointment with the lack of depth and action in the story, leading her to decide not to continue with the series.


hello friends my name is megan welcome back to a new weekly reading vlog and the first official week of believeathon if you are not aware i am participating in believathon it is a month-long readathon hosted by gavin how to train your gavin and it is a middle grade filled month basically for me uh if you did not see my tbr which i kind of included ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the Believathon readathon and how does it work?

The Believathon readathon is a month-long event focused on middle-grade books. Participants complete various challenges and earn rewards for each completed prompt.

Q: How did the vlogger handle her health issues and anxieties?

The vlogger experienced physical reactions due to anxiety, but after consulting with her healthcare provider, she found relief and realized that her test results were not a cause for concern.

Q: How did the vlogger celebrate her family's birthdays?

The vlogger prepared birthday surprises for her mom, aunt, and dad. She bought gifts for them and sent them to their respective addresses.

Q: What book did the vlogger read for the Believathon readathon?

The vlogger read "The Strangers" by Greystone Secrets for the Believathon challenge, which required reading a mystery book.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The vlogger discusses her participation in the Believathon readathon and the challenges she plans to complete.

  • She shares updates on her experiences, including work, health issues, and anxieties related to test results.

  • The vlogger receives new glasses, shares excitement about upcoming birthdays in her family, and unboxes the Kingdom of the Wicked book.

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