Becoming your highest self: a guide | Summary and Q&A

June 1, 2023
Anna Akana
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Becoming your highest self: a guide


Embrace your purpose, connect with your inner voice through meditation and journaling, and practice gratitude and affirmations to transform your life.

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Key Insights

  • šŸ§¬ Every cell in the body has a job, and when a cell rebels against its purpose, we call it cancer. Similarly, we are all here for a purpose, and denying that purpose makes us "cancer" in our own lives.
  • šŸ”® To discover your purpose, embrace stillness and silence. Connect with yourself and listen to your inner voice, as anxiety screams while intuition whispers.
  • ā™€ļø Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, using creative visualization to imagine fulfilling your soul calling. Journal and ask yourself what needs to be let go of and embraced, taking the necessary steps towards achieving your purpose.
  • šŸ—’ļø Consistently journaling and seeking advice from your highest self strengthens your connection to your true purpose. Listen to their advice and be brave enough to take action.
  • šŸ™ Practice gratitude every day. Gratitude trains your brain to seek the good, see the lighter side, and be open to new opportunities. It also helps alleviate anxiety.
  • šŸ›€ Engaging in mirror affirmations, even if they feel uncomfortable, rewires your thinking and mindset. Consistently affirming positive beliefs about yourself can create a powerful shift in your reality. ā³ Patience, consistency, and healthy detachment are crucial in this journey. As you grow and manifest, you may experience loss as things that no longer align in your life fall away.
  • šŸ§  Take an honest inventory of everything that no longer serves you. Shift your mindset, clear negative thought patterns, and create a beautiful, empowering mental space. Work consistently for six months, and your life can completely transform.


I was watching this amazing Ted Talk a few years ago in which this woman said that every cell in the body has a job and when a cell Rebels against its job when it doesn't fulfill its purpose we call that cancer and she asserted that we are all here for a purpose we all have a calling and to deny that calling to deny that purpose for whatever reason... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is it important to connect with your inner voice in order to find your purpose?

Connecting with your inner voice is crucial because it helps you quiet down anxiety and hear the whispers of your intuition, guiding you towards your purpose and calling.

Q: How can meditation and creative visualization aid in manifesting your soul calling?

Meditation and creative visualization can help you imagine and feel the scenarios where you are fulfilling your purpose, allowing you to align your thoughts and actions towards achieving that reality.

Q: Why is gratitude an essential practice for personal transformation?

Gratitude trains your brain to seek the good in life, opens you up to new opportunities, and prevents anxiety. It helps shift your mindset and perspective, fostering personal growth and transformation.

Q: How do affirmations contribute to changing one's beliefs and reality?

Affirmations rewire your thinking patterns by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, leading to a shift in mindset and ultimately changing your beliefs, actions, and reality.

Q: Why is it important to let go of things that no longer serve you on the journey of personal transformation?

Letting go of people, patterns, and thoughts that no longer serve you is necessary because it creates space for new opportunities and aligns you with your highest good and purpose. It allows for personal growth and evolution.

Q: How can consistency and patience lead to transformative change in six months?

Consistently practicing inner work, meditation, journaling, and other spiritual practices daily can lead to a complete transformation within six months. Patience is key as it takes time for beliefs and reality to shift, but with dedication and consistency, significant change is possible.

Q: What role does self-reflection and awareness play in personal transformation?

Self-reflection and awareness help you become conscious of your thoughts, patterns, and mindsets. By evaluating and becoming aware of what no longer serves you, you can make intentional changes and create a positive, empowering inner world.

Q: How does personal transformation lead to alignment and a completely different life?

Personal transformation aligns you with your purpose, highest self, and inner voice. It brings about a shift in beliefs, actions, and reality, resulting in a completely different life where you live in alignment and gratitude, attracting positive experiences and opportunities.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Every individual has a purpose and denying it is like rebelling against one's own job, leading to a sense of disconnection.

  • To discover your purpose, create stillness through meditation, connect with your inner voice, and visualize your soul calling.

  • Strengthen your connection to your highest self through consistent journaling, listening to their advice, and taking brave actions.

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