Asking This Bangalore Couple How They Got Rich? | Summary and Q&A

June 14, 2023
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Asking This Bangalore Couple How They Got Rich?


Moons shares his passion for designing, gaming, and cars, showcasing his creative journey and financial goals.

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Key Insights

  • 🥺 Passion for design and creativity can lead to fulfilling careers and personal satisfaction.
  • 💝 Unforeseen opportunities and gifts can come from strangers who appreciate one's talent.
  • 🍉 Balancing financial responsibility and making investments is crucial for long-term financial security.
  • 💦 Overcoming struggles and hardships can inspire individuals to work towards achieving their goals.
  • 😃 Pursuing hobbies, like gaming, can bring immense joy and satisfaction in one's life.
  • ❓ Collaboration with like-minded individuals and being a part of a community can enhance personal growth.
  • 🛟 Striving for happiness and enjoying life is essential, especially after overcoming challenges and hardships.


hello welcome home I love to arrange space I love to decorate different different looks and corners of my house my name is moons I'm a musician I'm a designer photographer recently I bought like a BMW GT I bought a used car so my car is like a 2019 December registration I spend around 45 lakhs for the car around 50 percentage we have paid as cash 5... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are some of the passions Moons discusses in the content?

Moons talks about his love for arranging spaces, decorating his home, designing, photography, gaming (SIM racing), and being a part of a metal band.

Q: How did Moons acquire a camera and a Canon 7D?

Moons received a camera as a gift from a stranger who appreciated his photography skills. Later, the same person sent him a Canon 7D as an upgrade because he was inspired by Moons' clicks.

Q: How does Moons feel about his career as a designer?

Moons expresses that he always knew he wanted to do something creative and found his passion in design. He acknowledges that design provides him with both monetary rewards and fulfillment.

Q: What financial goals does Moons have?

Moons aims to spend approximately 30% of his salary on savings and invests 75% of his investments in equity. He also mentions having some percentage of investments in gold and other traditional options.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Moons, a designer and musician, talks about his love for designing his home space and his recent purchase of a used BMW GT.

  • He shares his interest in SIM racing and how he values his gaming setup more than his actual car.

  • Moons discusses his journey as a designer, his love for photography, and the unexpected gifts he received from a stranger.

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