Asking New Yorkers What They're Listening To | Summary and Q&A

August 26, 2023
Colby Martel
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Asking New Yorkers What They're Listening To


The content follows an individual's challenge of overcoming social anxiety by asking strangers in New York City what they're listening to.

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Key Insights

  • 🥡 Overthinking can hinder progress and prevent one from taking action.
  • 💨 Approaching strangers in public can be an effective way to challenge social anxiety.
  • 🥡 Rejections are part of the process and should not be taken personally.
  • 😫 Setting a specific goal and time limit can help increase productivity and overcome anxiety.
  • 💗 Confidence grows with each small step taken outside of the comfort zone.
  • 🔁 Social anxiety can be overcome through repeated exposure and positive experiences.
  • 💍 Engaging in challenging activities with a supportive friend can provide encouragement and motivation.


have you ever seen those videos where that guy walks around New York City and asks people what they're listening to what are you listening to uh One Direction Little Things well today that guy's gonna be me I'm in New York City today and we're gonna get our comfort zone by asking people what are you listening to yesterday went a lot better than the... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What inspired the individual to start asking strangers what they're listening to?

The individual was inspired by a video they saw in 2010 where someone asked people in New York what they were listening to. They decided to try it themselves and found it to be a fun and interesting interaction.

Q: How did the individual overcome their social anxiety during the challenge?

They committed to the challenge and stopped overthinking. They realized that the more they overthink, the more excuses they make. By simply approaching people and starting conversations, they were able to overcome their social anxiety.

Q: Did the individual face any rejections during the challenge?

Yes, the individual faced rejections, but they emphasized that it is a common occurrence and not something to dwell on. They chose to focus on the positive interactions they had with people who were willing to participate.

Q: Did the individual's confidence improve throughout the challenge?

Yes, the individual's confidence grew as they continued to approach more people. They started with a low number of interactions but eventually managed to speak to 25 people in five hours. This progress boosted their confidence.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content showcases the individual's struggle and determination to step out of their comfort zone by approaching strangers in New York City.

  • The goal is to ask 50 people what they're listening to, and the individual manages to talk to 25 people in five hours.

  • The individual receives positive responses and gains confidence throughout the challenge.

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