Andrew Bowser Talks Onyx and the Horrors of YouTube Filmmaking [Ep. 84] | Summary and Q&A

March 25, 2021
The Create Unknown
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Andrew Bowser Talks Onyx and the Horrors of YouTube Filmmaking [Ep. 84]


Andrew Bowser, the creator of the character Onyx the Fortuitous, discusses his journey from YouTube comedy to launching a Kickstarter campaign for a feature-length Onyx film.

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Key Insights

  • 🙈 Comedy can be driven by over-committing emotionally to something absurd, as seen in the character of Onyx the Fortuitous.
  • ❓ The journey to success in comedy often involves creating your own opportunities and bypassing traditional industry routes.
  • 🥺 TikTok can rejuvenate and expand an existing character or content, leading to newfound engagement and inspiration.
  • 💨 Kickstarter campaigns provide a way for creators to gather support directly from their audience and bypass traditional production company limitations.


onyx is my favorite thing ever he's this like self-generated best friend that i always have to make myself laugh the way i relate to comedy is that i don't see it as comedy for me for onyx it's an over commitment emotionally to something absurd as a filmmaker as an indie filmmaker you're really on your own right like what other choice do you have o... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the character Onyx the Fortuitous come to be?

The catchphrase "I don't know" was the first bit of the character that I came up with, and it quickly developed into the persona of Onyx the Fortuitous. The character was not based on anyone in particular, but rather a combination of my own quirks and vocal tics.

Q: How do you switch into the Onyx character? Is it challenging to embody that energy?

Over time, embodying the Onyx character has become easier and second nature. Initially, it took more effort to channel his frantic energy, but now it comes naturally. Once I put on the costume, I immediately slip into character and can bring out the energetic, comedic side of Onyx.

Q: Do you ever feel the desire to explore serious roles as an actor?

While I don't have a strong desire to pursue serious roles at the moment, I believe that Onyx's character can encompass emotional depth and serious moments. Onyx is a dark, complex character who can experience genuine emotions and vulnerabilities, making him more than just a comedic persona.

Q: How has TikTok revitalized your enthusiasm for the Onyx character?

TikTok provided a new platform where Onyx garnered enthusiastic fans, completely separate from my YouTube audience. The engagement and support from TikTok users reinvigorated my passion for the character and inspired me to explore new comedic ideas. The platform's unique format also allowed for quicker content creation, keeping the character fresh and relevant.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Bowser, creator of Onyx the Fortuitous, describes how he relates to comedy as an over-commitment emotionally to something absurd, rather than simply seeking to make people laugh.

  • After facing challenges in getting his ideas financed by production companies, Bowser decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a feature-length Onyx film.

  • Bowser explains that the support from fans and well-known individuals, like rapper El-P, has been vital in the success of his Kickstarter campaign.

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