Amazon SEO [Complete 2022 Guide] - New Search Query SEO Phase 4 - Keyword Ranking Optimization | Summary and Q&A

April 18, 2022
My Amazon Guy
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Amazon SEO [Complete 2022 Guide] - New Search Query SEO Phase 4 - Keyword Ranking Optimization


This video provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the phases and strategies necessary for effective search engine optimization (SEO) on Amazon, including a new phase focused on market share analysis.

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Key Insights

  • 🔍 SEO Phase 2 No Longer Exists: Amazon has removed the "pink word" update, signaling a major change in the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape for Amazon sellers. This necessitates an updated approach to SEO strategies.
  • 🔎New Phase 4 with Search Query Report: Amazon has introduced a new Phase 4 dedicated to the search query report, which provides valuable insights into customer search terms and behaviors. Sellers should utilize this report to optimize their SEO strategies.
  • 🔧Understanding SEO Phases: The SEO process on Amazon involves multiple phases, each with its own objectives and strategies. It is crucial to understand these phases and their significance to effectively optimize product listings.
  • 💡Misinformation and Algorithm Understanding: The Amazon algorithm (A9) is complex, and there is a lot of misinformation surrounding how it works. Sellers should focus on gaining a better understanding of the algorithm and what factors can trigger SEO improvements.
  • 📚SEO Course for Traffic Generation: Enrolling in an SEO course can greatly enhance a seller's knowledge and skills in traffic generation. Taking a comprehensive course offers in-depth information and practical tools to grow sales through effective SEO strategies.
  • 🔑Importance of Product Research: Conducting thorough product research is vital to identify top-selling products and their competitors. Tools like helium 10's x-ray can help sellers analyze the market and make informed decisions about product listings.
  • 📊Filtering and Ranking Keywords: Analyzing keyword data from competitors' listings allows sellers to filter and rank keywords from most important to least important. This helps in focusing SEO efforts on high-priority keywords that have the potential for better rankings.
  • ⚙️Optimizing A+ Content: A+ content plays a crucial role in indexing and improving SEO. It is important to embed relevant keywords and crawlable text within A+ content to maximize its impact on search rankings.
  • 📈Continuous Optimization and SEO Phases: SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous optimization. Sellers should regularly revisit and revise their SEO strategies, following the different phases, to stay ahead of the game and maximize sales potential.


search engine optimization it's kind of like teenage sex everybody thinks everybody else is doing it but nobody really is doing it or doing it correctly my name is stephen pope and i'm the founder of my amazon guy in this long extended video i'm going to go in depth explaining everything you need to know about search engine optimization there's som... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the four phases of SEO for Amazon sellers?

The four phases of SEO for Amazon sellers are Phase 0 (Market Research), Phase 1 (Indexing), Phase 2 (Incremental Indexing), and Phase 3 (Keyword Ranking).

Q: What are the challenges of understanding Amazon's algorithm for SEO?

One of the main challenges for Amazon sellers is the lack of clear information about Amazon's algorithm and what specifically triggers SEO. There is also misinformation and a lack of understanding about how the A9 algorithm works.

Q: What are the key tools mentioned in the video for conducting SEO on Amazon?

The video mentions several tools for conducting SEO on Amazon, including Helium 10's X-Ray for market research, Frankenstein for generating search terms, Cerbero for keyword analysis, and Keyword Tracker for tracking keyword rankings.

Q: What is the purpose of Phase 2 (Incremental Indexing) in the SEO process?

Phase 2 is focused on incremental indexing, which involves replacing keywords in the search term field with new keywords that are not already present in the title, bullets, or other sections of the listing. This helps to expand the listing's visibility and improve its chances of ranking for a wider range of keywords.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video explains the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for Amazon sellers and the challenges of understanding the algorithm.

  • It introduces the four SEO phases and their purpose: Phase 0 (Market Research), Phase 1 (Indexing), Phase 2 (Incremental Indexing), and Phase 3 (Keyword Ranking).

  • The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct market research, select targeted keywords, optimize titles, bullets, and search terms, and track performance using tools like Cerbero and Keyword Tracker.

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