AI's Most Insane Week - Things Will Never Be The Same | Summary and Q&A

March 18, 2023
Matt Wolfe
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AI's Most Insane Week - Things Will Never Be The Same


This video summarizes the major AI developments from Stanford's Alpaca 7B model to Google's AI integration in Workspace tools, the release of GPT-4, Mid-Journey Version 5's improved image generation, Microsoft's 365 Co-Pilot, and Baidu's underwhelming release of Ernie.

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Key Insights

  • 🚀 Alpaca 7B model, developed by Stanford, is a lightweight alternative to models like GPT-3 that can be used on local computers, making large language models more accessible and democratizing their use.
  • 💡 Google announced that AI functionality, similar to GPT-3, will be integrated into their workspace tools, such as Google Docs and Gmail, making tasks like auto-completion and content creation more efficient.
  • 🔑 GPT-4 was released, offering improved response quality and accuracy in generating longer context messages and incorporating visual inputs, marking a significant breakthrough in AI technology.
  • 🔍 Microsoft confirmed that their new Bing search engine has been running on an early version of GPT-4, customized for search, demonstrating the potential impact of this advanced model in the industry.
  • 📰 Mid-journey launched its fifth version, offering more realistic images and improved language recognition, prompting a possible integration with GPT-4 and facilitating the generation of prompt sentences.
  • 🎉 Microsoft introduced 365 Co-Pilot, bringing AI capabilities to their suite of tools, allowing users to ask chat-based questions and obtain answers based on data from Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and more.
  • 👎 Baidu's AI rival, Ernie, failed to impress, resulting in a 10% drop in Baidu's stock shares, indicating that it may not be a strong competitor to Google or Microsoft in the near future.
  • 👀 Nvidia's upcoming GTC event promises exciting breakthroughs in AI, with influential speakers from companies like DeepMind and Adobe discussing the latest research and transformative technologies.


so in all of the time that I've spent messing with AI and following AI news this week has been the absolute craziest week in AI that I've ever seen every single day there's been some sort of crazy announcement going on and in this video I just want to break down this week in a nutshell let's get into it to start off on the week Monday we got news t... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the Alpaca 7B model differ from other large language models like GPT-3?

The Alpaca 7B model is trained on 52,000 instructions, making it more lightweight and usable on local computers. Despite its smaller file size, it performs nearly as well as larger models like GPT-3, making access to powerful language models more accessible.

Q: What features does Google plan to integrate AI into its Workspace tools?

Google plans to add GPT-3-like functionality to tools like Google Docs and Gmail, enabling auto-completion of emails, document writing, brainstorming help, and more. The AI integration will later expand to Google Sheets, Google Slides, and other tools in the suite.

Q: How does GPT-4 improve upon previous versions of Chat GPT?

GPT-4 offers better-quality responses with improved information accuracy. It also allows for longer context in messages and incorporates visual inputs, making it a more advanced and multimodal model for combining image and text.

Q: What advancements does Mid-Journey Version 5 bring to image generation?

Mid-Journey Version 5 generates more realistic images, with improved rendering of hands and added tiling features. The prompt structure has also changed to resemble normal conversation prompts, making it easier to use with models like GPT-4.

Q: How does Microsoft incorporate AI into its suite of tools?

Microsoft is adding AI to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams, allowing users to access information across the suite through a chat interface. It can answer questions based on data from emails, meeting notes, and other sources within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Q: What was the reception to Baidu's chatbot release, Ernie?

Baidu's release of Ernie received a negative response as it failed to impress during a one-hour presentation. The pre-recorded responses were carefully curated and did not showcase the chatbot's capabilities effectively, leading to a 10 percent drop in Baidu's stock shares.

Q: What can we expect from NVIDIA's GTC conference?

The upcoming GTC event by NVIDIA is expected to feature presentations on the latest AI research and transformative technologies. Speakers from influential companies like DeepMind, META, and Adobe will discuss the future of AI and the metaverse, potentially unveiling exciting breakthroughs in the field.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Stanford introduces the Alpaca 7B model, a lightweight alternative to large language models that democratizes access.

  • Google announces AI functionality in Workspace tools, including GPT-3-like features in Google Docs and Gmail.

  • GPT-4 is released, offering improved responses and the ability to process longer context and use visual inputs.

  • Mid-Journey Version 5 is launched, generating more realistic images and allowing for improved conversation prompts.

  • Microsoft introduces AI integration in its suite of tools, including a business chat feature and 365 Co-Pilot.

  • Baidu's release of Ernie, its chatbot rival to GPT-4, falls short, disappointing shareholders and indicating they're behind Google and Microsoft.

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