AI News Update - ChatGPT Costs How Much?!? | Summary and Q&A

August 19, 2023
Matt Wolfe
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AI News Update - ChatGPT Costs How Much?!?


OpenAI faces financial concerns, Amazon and Google introduce new AI features, while new AI companies and technologies emerge.

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Key Insights

  • 🌥️ OpenAI's financial challenges and dependence on external investments indicate the complex nature of sustaining large-scale AI projects.
  • 💁 The integration of generative AI by Amazon and Google aims to enhance user experiences and provide more comprehensive information.
  • 🙈 AI advancements in the photography domain, as seen in Google Photos, simplify photo organization and bring forgotten memories back to the spotlight.
  • 👶 OpenAI's ventures into moderation and gaming suggest the diversification of the company's AI applications and potential expansion into new markets.
  • ✊ The shutdown of an AI GTA 5 mod highlights the challenges surrounding ownership of AI-powered content in the gaming industry.
  • 🥶 The availability of free AI tools from companies like Adobe aims to empower creators and democratize access to AI-driven creativity.
  • 👶 The emergence of new AI companies, along with their unique approaches and technologies, showcases the ongoing innovation and diversity in the AI field.


I just got back from the artificial conference in LA and it was an awesome event but I'm ready to get into the news this week a report came out that chat GPT is costing 700 000 per day most likely Microsoft's 10 billion dollar investment in open AI is what's keeping the company afloat at the moment but since chat gpt's Peak in May the amount of use... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the financial concerns surrounding OpenAI's chat GPT?

OpenAI's chat GPT is costing $700,000 per day, and the company's reliance on Microsoft's investment is crucial to its current financial stability. However, if OpenAI fails to turn a profit and loses Microsoft's support, bankruptcy becomes a possibility by the end of 2024.

Q: How is Amazon utilizing generative AI to improve the customer review experience?

Amazon is rolling out generative AI-powered features to a subset of mobile shoppers in the US. This includes AI-generated review summaries and buttons for commonly searched aspects of products, enabling users to get a comprehensive idea of customer opinions on specific product points like performance or ease of use.

Q: What updates has Google made to its generative search experience?

Google now offers hover definitions for words in search results, allowing users to quickly access word meanings. Additionally, users can generate summaries of articles they're reading, providing a quicker understanding of the content. Google has also enhanced coding capabilities for users with access to the generative search experience.

Q: How does Google Photos utilize AI to enhance the photo viewing experience?

Google Photos has introduced a new memories view that uses AI algorithms to curate and organize past photos. Users can easily relive, customize, and share memorable moments. With AI-generated suggestions, such as titles for memories, Google aims to make it easier to revisit and enjoy past photos.

Q: What recent developments have occurred within OpenAI?

OpenAI introduced a GPT 4 API feature that enables the use of GPT 4 for content moderation, reducing the time needed for policy changes. Additionally, OpenAI acquired Global Illumination, a move that raises speculation about their involvement in the gaming industry.

Q: Why did Take Two shut down an AI GTA 5 mod?

Take Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, took down an AI GTA 5 mod that allowed players to engage in conversations with in-world characters. The reasons behind this decision remain unclear, with the mod's creator asserting that it did not violate any policies.

Q: What features are available on Adobe Express with Firefly?

Adobe Express with Firefly offers a range of AI-powered creation tools, including text-to-image generators, text effects generators, and AI background removers. Users can also benefit from AI-generated textures and effects for their desired visual styles.

Q: How is Runway innovating in the AI space?

Runway has introduced a new feature called "watch" that showcases impressive videos made with their AI-powered tools. Users can browse these videos to gain inspiration and witness the creative potential of AI technology.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI's chat GPT is costing $700,000 per day, and the company's reliance on Microsoft's investment may be crucial for its sustainability.

  • Amazon is improving the customer review experience with generative AI, providing AI-generated summaries and buttons for commonly searched topics.

  • Google enhances its generative search experience with features such as word definitions, article summaries, and coding capabilities.

  • Google Photos introduces a curated and organized memories view, utilizing AI to resurface and rename past photos.

  • OpenAI announces a GPT 4 API feature for content moderation and acquires Global Illumination, raising speculation about their foray into gaming.

  • Take Two shuts down an AI GTA 5 mod without providing a clear reason for the decision.

  • Adobe Express with Firefly is now available worldwide for free, offering various AI-powered creation tools.

  • Runway rolls out a new feature called "watch," allowing users to explore inspiring videos created using the platform.

  • The Associated Press sets AI guidelines for journalists, emphasizing the need to treat generative content as unvetted and prohibiting the transmission of false images.

  • Notable figures from companies like Google and Machine Zone launch new AI-based ventures, while AI bots render captchas ineffective.

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