a16z Podcast | Mastering the Game (with David Oyelowo) | Summary and Q&A

January 2, 2019
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a16z Podcast | Mastering the Game (with David Oyelowo)


David Oyelowo discusses the making of the movie Queen of Katwe and the importance of diversity and inclusion in Hollywood.

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Key Insights

  • 🤳 Queen of Katwe challenges the traditional narrative of Africa in cinema by showcasing the self-sufficiency and resilience of its people.
  • 🎥 The film is a result of the efforts made by individuals like the executive, Tender Niganda, and the director, Mira Nair, who championed diversity and inclusion.
  • 🙂 Oyelowo's personal journey in exploring African-American history influenced his decision to take on roles that shed light on the black experience.


hi everyone welcome to the a 6nz podcast today's episode is based on a conversation between actor David Oyelowo and Ben Horowitz that took place last month at the a 16 Z special screening of the new Disney movie now out queen of cat way the movies directed by Mira Nair and based on a book by Tim Carruthers about Ugandan chess master Fiona Moe Tessi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the movie Queen of Katwe challenge the traditional narrative of Africa in cinema?

David Oyelowo explains that the film provides a more authentic and nuanced portrayal of Africa, showcasing the resilience and self-sufficiency of its people rather than relying on the white savior trope.

Q: What inspired Oyelowo to choose a role in this film over more financially lucrative options?

Oyelowo discusses his desire to use his platform as an actor to shed light on the African and African-American experience and contribute to diversifying Hollywood.

Q: How did Oyelowo learn about African-American history despite not being from that background?

Through his work in films like Red Tails, The Butler, and The Help, Oyelowo gained unexpected education and appreciation for African-American history, which led him to delve deeper into these narratives.

Q: How does Lupita Nyong'o's presence in the film contribute to its success and the diversification of Hollywood?

Oyelowo praises Lupita Nyong'o for her talent and beauty, highlighting her ability to authentically portray a Ugandan character and her role in giving confidence to companies like Disney to invest in films with diverse casts.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • David Oyelowo expresses his gratitude for the positive reception of the film Queen of Katwe and discusses the importance of sharing underrepresented narratives.

  • He highlights the lack of authentic portrayals of Africa in mainstream cinema and emphasizes the need for diverse voices and perspectives in storytelling.

  • Oyelowo praises the efforts of the executive behind the film and the female director, Mira Nair, in bringing the story to life and challenging stereotypes.

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