A RIDICULOUSLY Productive Day in my Life | Summary and Q&A

January 20, 2021
Ali Abdaal
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A RIDICULOUSLY Productive Day in my Life


Ali documents his highly productive day, filled with activities such as art lessons, writing, workouts, video filming, and personal development.

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Key Insights

  • 🥰 Ali prioritizes productivity and sets various goals for different aspects of his life, such as fitness, art, writing, and YouTube.
  • 😒 He emphasizes time management and uses tools like his calendar to structure his day effectively.
  • 😨 Ali acknowledges the importance of self-care, relaxation, and avoiding burnout.
  • ❓ He utilizes technology and online platforms for learning, personal development, and entertainment.
  • 💍 Ali values connections with others and actively engages in networking, coaching, and peer support.
  • 👻 He balances his ambition with flexibility, allowing himself breaks and deviations from his goals.
  • ❓ Ali showcases a growth mindset by continuously seeking improvement and learning opportunities.


hey friends welcome back to another ridiculously productive day in my life it's locked down in the uk so i'm going to be doing lots of productive things around the house all day the day starts at 7 30 when i wake up groggly lying in bed for a few minutes being a total waste man after 10 minutes i negotiate myself out of bed remove my mouth tape and... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Ali begin his day?

Ali starts his day by waking up at 7:30 am, removing his mouth tape and braces, and taking a shower to wake himself up.

Q: What is Ali's goal for 2021?

Ali aims to become decent at concept art, as he wants to illustrate scenes from his favorite fantasy books.

Q: How does Ali manage his fitness goals?

Ali follows a strict diet plan and does home workouts, striving to become a "Gym Shark" athlete and achieve a six-pack.

Q: What activities does Ali engage in during the evening?

In the evening, Ali participates in mastermind calls, orthodontic appointments, video filming, and coaching sessions.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ali starts his day with an art lesson on Zoom, aiming to improve his concept art skills.

  • He spends the morning writing 2,000 words for his book while listening to study music.

  • Ali does a workout and follows a strict diet to achieve his fitness goals.

  • He engages in video filming, mastermind calls, orthodontic appointments, and coaching sessions throughout the day.

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