A DAY IN MY LIFE // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

January 22, 2016
Grace Helbig
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A DAY IN MY LIFE // Grace Helbig


YouTuber takes viewers through her day, which includes sleeping in, making coffee, working at the office, and attending an award show.

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Key Insights

  • 🫵 The YouTuber has been feeling lackadaisical and not in the mood to film, resulting in less content for her viewers.
  • 😪 She talks about her exhaustion and gives herself permission to sleep in and take it easy.
  • 💟 The YouTuber showcases her home decor updates and emphasizes the importance of being curious and never stopping to explore.
  • 💦 She shares her work-related activities, like interviews and packaging her book for friends.
  • 👾 The YouTuber discusses her experiences at an award show and gives viewers a glimpse of her office space.
  • 😑 She expresses her excitement about her upcoming book tour in the US and UK.
  • 👻 The YouTuber shares her thoughts on ghosting in relationships and mentions participating in phone interviews on the topic.


good morning Friday re it is Thursday I have not filmed much this week again because I've just been in a mode where I don't knock down I can't really explain it you know how you get mode really excited to do things and you do them and then you get in modes where you're kind of lackadaisical about them depressed about them is a little too intense of... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the YouTuber's daily routine like?

The YouTuber explains that she has been sleeping in and waking up late due to exhaustion from a busy week. She eats breakfast and starts her day by making coffee or espresso.

Q: What updates does the YouTuber share about her home decor?

The YouTuber shows her viewers a new oversized light bulb she has hung up and a rug she has added to her room. She also mentions reorganizing and adding new storage for her makeup.

Q: What work-related activities does the YouTuber do during the day?

The YouTuber mentions a call with someone from Hello Giggles for press and publicity purposes regarding her style guide book. She also discusses packaging copies of her book to send to friends in the digital space.

Q: What are some topics the YouTuber discusses in her phone interviews?

In one interview, the YouTuber talks about ghosting in relationships and shares her perspective on it. She mentions not having a strong viewpoint on the topic, sparking curiosity about cultural responses and appropriate behavior.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content follows a YouTuber's daily routine, from waking up late and having breakfast to working at the office and attending an award show.

  • The YouTuber shares updates on her home decor and showcases her work area at the office.

  • She also discusses phone interviews she had and shares her thoughts on ghosting in relationships.

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