A Day in My Life as a YouTuber | Summary and Q&A

November 1, 2022
Ali Abdaal
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A Day in My Life as a YouTuber


Ali shares his experience at a part-time YouTuber Academy alumni event in London with a morning routine, keynote speech, quiz, and networking.

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Key Insights

  • ⏰ Journaling in the morning can boost creativity and reduce stress.
  • 🪛 Purpose and intrinsic motivation are essential drivers for maintaining consistency in a side hustle like YouTube.
  • 😨 Taking care of one's brain and body through supplements can support overall well-being.
  • 👻 Engaging with alumni and hosting events can foster a sense of community and provide networking opportunities.
  • 😪 Nasal breathing during sleep can improve breathing patterns and sleep quality.
  • 🛟 Balancing personal and professional life is important to avoid burnout.
  • 🆘 Creating content with the intention of helping others can provide greater fulfillment.


hey friends welcome back to another day in the life Vlog today's an exciting day because we've got an event in London with 100 alumni from our part-time YouTuber Academy so it's going to be super fun and I'm going to be giving a talk about how to stay consistent with a side hustle like YouTube crucially while enjoying the journey along the way anyw... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of Ali's keynote speech at the alumni event?

Ali's keynote speech focuses on how to stay consistent with YouTube as a part-time endeavor while finding joy in the journey. He emphasizes the importance of purpose and intrinsic motivation to create meaningful content.

Q: How does Ali prioritize purpose over monetary gains in his YouTube content?

Ali believes that when he focuses on creating content that is genuinely helpful to at least one person, he feels fulfilled. He disregards sponsor money and view counts and instead aims to make videos that have a positive impact on someone's life.

Q: What activities take place during the alumni event?

The alumni event includes Ali's keynote speech, a quiz, and networking opportunities. Participants have a chance to engage with one another, ask questions, and connect with Ali.

Q: What is the significance of Ali taping his mouth shut at night?

Ali tapes his mouth shut to encourage nasal breathing during sleep. This practice has been ongoing for over a year and helps with better breathing patterns and overall sleep quality.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ali wakes up late after a night out and spends time journaling before enjoying a lazy breakfast with friends and relatives.

  • Ali and his team prepare for the part-time YouTuber Academy alumni event, setting up equipment and logistics.

  • Ali delivers a keynote speech on staying consistent and finding purpose in YouTube, followed by a quiz and networking session.

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