7 Questions That Will Change Your Life - My Personal Annual Review | Summary and Q&A

February 8, 2024
Sahil Bloom
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7 Questions That Will Change Your Life - My Personal Annual Review


Reflecting on the past year and asking seven important questions can drive personal growth and lead to an improved future.

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Key Insights

  • 🤗 Reflecting on changes in beliefs fosters personal growth and open-mindedness.
  • 👻 Identifying energy-giving activities allows for increased motivation and prioritization.
  • ❓ Addressing energy-draining activities reduces their impact and increases productivity.
  • 🚣 Eliminating boat anchors accelerates personal progress and achievement of goals.
  • 😨 Fear often limits growth, and facing fears is necessary for pursuing opportunities.
  • 💩 Evaluating hits and misses provides a balanced view of achievements and areas for improvement.
  • ❓ Continuous learning and growth are vital for personal development.


these seven questions will change your life in this video we're going to walk through my annual review process the seven questions that I ask to reflect on experience and drive outsized growth in the year to come let's dive right into it one of my favorite quotes of all time is by a man named John Dewey who said we do not learn from experience we l... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can reflecting on changes in beliefs lead to personal growth?

Reflecting on changes in beliefs allows you to embrace being wrong and actively seek new information and insights. This mindset leads to personal growth and more open-mindedness towards different perspectives.

Q: How can identifying energy-giving activities improve your life?

By recognizing activities that give you energy, you can prioritize and amplify them in your life. Spending more time on these activities, such as meeting inspiring people, can lead to increased motivation and overall well-being.

Q: How can evaluating energy-draining activities help in personal development?

Awareness of activities that drain your energy allows you to create a process to reduce their impact on your life. For example, you can schedule phone calls on specific days or replace draining activities with energy-creating ones, ultimately leading to increased productivity and happiness.

Q: What are boat anchors, and how can they hinder personal progress?

Boat anchors refer to people, habits, behaviors, or activities that hold you back and slow down your progress. Identifying these anchors and taking steps to eliminate or reduce their influence can help accelerate personal growth and achievement of goals.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Reflecting on changes in your beliefs and embracing being wrong can lead to new experiences and insights.

  • Identifying activities that give you energy and those that drain your energy can help prioritize and amplify positive experiences.

  • Recognizing boat anchors (people, habits, behaviors) holding you back and facing fears can lead to accelerated growth and progress.

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