[500 STARTUPS DEMO DAY 2015] POST-SEED, ActivityHero | Summary and Q&A

August 13, 2015
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[500 STARTUPS DEMO DAY 2015] POST-SEED, ActivityHero


Activity Hero is an online platform that connects parents with a wide range of camps and classes for their children, offering convenience and automation in the registration process.

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Key Insights

  • 👪 Parents in the US spend a significant amount of money, approximately $30 billion annually, on various programs for their children.
  • 🥰 The need for year-round activities arises from the 16-week summer break and the reduction of music, science, and art programs in schools.
  • 👨‍💼 Activity Hero's automation and convenience attract both parents and program providers, resulting in a successful business model.
  • 🏙️ The platform's success is evident from its projected $7 million in registrations, covering only a few cities in the Bay Area.
  • 🏙️ Activity Hero's focus on specific cities and deliberate expansion strategy demonstrates their careful approach to growth.
  • 💪 The platform already has a strong user base, with 133% of families in Palo Alto and San Francisco having an account.
  • 😤 Activity Hero's team possesses a diverse range of expertise in technical aspects, business development, sales, and marketing.


hi everyone I'm Peggy changen co-founder and CEO of activity hero now imagine you and your kids you're helping them learn and you're wondering what will they be like when they grow up but when you get home is this what you see how will you bring them back to the real world you go to activity hero and find amazing camps and classes for your kids the... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Activity Hero benefit parents?

Activity Hero simplifies the process of finding and registering for kids' programs by offering a centralized platform, real-time scheduling updates, convenient payment options, and allergy information storage.

Q: What are the advantages for program providers using Activity Hero?

Program providers, such as CD's art studio mentioned in the content, benefit from Activity Hero's automated website integration, simplified registration process, increased visibility through the marketplace, and a boost in revenue from referrals.

Q: How does Activity Hero generate revenue?

Activity Hero charges program providers a small registration fee and a 15% referral fee for bookings made through their marketplace. This referral system helps businesses gain valuable lifetime customers and increases their revenue by an average of 15%.

Q: What are the future plans of Activity Hero?

Activity Hero plans to expand its services to more cities and increase its program listings nationwide. Additionally, the platform aims to collaborate with schools and other websites, providing access to their aggregated content for a wider audience.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Activity Hero helps parents find high-quality camps and classes for their kids, addressing the need for year-round activities beyond traditional school programs.

  • The platform offers automated registration, scheduling updates, and easy payment options, providing convenience for both parents and program providers.

  • With a growing user base in select cities, Activity Hero plans to expand and serve more areas in the future, ultimately becoming a valuable resource for schools and other websites.

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