5 Ways To Save Money In College | Summary and Q&A

April 5, 2018
Debt Free Millennials
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5 Ways To Save Money In College


Justine shares practical money-saving tips for college students, including becoming an at-home barista, packing lunches, using a reusable water bottle, saving for experiences, and using cash instead of cards at bars.

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Key Insights

  • 😋 Becoming an at-home barista and packing lunches can save college students money on coffee and food expenses.
  • 🤑 Using a reusable water bottle not only saves money but also helps reduce plastic waste.
  • đŸ‘ģ Saving for experiences by cutting back on unnecessary spending allows students to afford the things they truly want.
  • đŸ¤ĸ Using cash instead of cards at bars helps students stay within their budget and encourages creativity in finding fun activities.
  • 🤑 Being mindful of expenses and finding ways to save money can have a significant impact on a student's overall financial well-being.
  • 💋 Planning and preparation in advance can help students avoid impulsive spending and stick to their budget.
  • 🛩ī¸ Making small changes, like buying inexpensive snacks and packing lunch, can add up to significant savings over time.


hey guys it's Justine with Jeffry Millennials and today I'm back at my alma mater at Kansas State University I'm back at k-state this week for the collegiate tour of Jeffery Millennials and I thought hey let's do some money-saving tips for college students so if that's you I've got a couple of really good money-saving tips lined up and even if you'... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can becoming an at-home barista help college students save money?

By making coffee at home instead of buying expensive drinks from coffee shops on campus, college students can save a significant amount of money. Justine suggests buying regular coffee and creamer, which can create dozens of different coffee options.

Q: Why is packing lunches a money-saving strategy for college students?

Packing lunches can help students avoid spending money on fast food when they don't have time to go home or cook. By preparing sandwiches ahead of time and including inexpensive snacks, students can save money in the long run.

Q: How does using a reusable water bottle save money?

Instead of buying bottled water from convenience stores, college students can save money by using a reusable water bottle and filling it up at water fountains. This strategy also helps students stay hydrated and reduces plastic waste, benefiting the environment.

Q: Why is saving for experiences important for college students?

By cutting back on unnecessary expenses like coffee and fast food, students can save money for experiences they actually want, such as vacations. Justine suggests putting the saved money into a vacation fund envelope or money jar and not touching it, allowing savings to accumulate over time.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Become an at-home barista to save money on expensive coffee shop drinks.

  • Pack your own lunches to avoid resorting to expensive fast food options on campus.

  • Use a reusable water bottle to save money and help the environment.

  • Save money for experiences by cutting back on unnecessary spending.

  • Use cash instead of cards at bars to avoid overspending.

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