5 SCARY Physics Experiments! | Summary and Q&A

June 21, 2019
Physics Girl
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5 SCARY Physics Experiments!


Physics Girl and iJustine team up for a video where they perform spooky science experiments that both scare and impress iJustine.

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Key Insights

  • πŸ˜… Dry ice reacts with the hot fork, creating vibrations and making a spoon scream.
  • πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ A Van de Graaff generator creates high charges that cause hair to stand up and create electrical sparks.
  • πŸ’‘ A plasma ball's electrical energy can cause a fluorescent light bulb inside a doll's head to emit light.
  • 🫒 Carbon dioxide gas from dry ice can be poured into a candle to extinguish it.
  • πŸ‘ˆ The Van de Graaff generator can levitate objects like pie tins.
  • ❓ The experiments create both scary and impressive reactions.
  • πŸŽ“ Physics Girl and iJustine's collaboration brings science education and entertainment together.


  • [Diana] We'd like to thank audible for supporting PBS. Hey, I'm Diana. I'm here with a very special- (machine pops) (both scream) - Hey, I'm Diana. You're here watching phys- (both laugh) Hey, I'm Diana. You're watching Physics Girl. I'm here with a very special guest, iJustine. She's- (machine pops) (both scream) (Justine screams) - [Diana] Oh, ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the dry ice experiment make the spoon scream?

The dry ice reacts with the relatively hot fork, quickly turning it from solid to gas and creating vibrations that make the spoon scream.

Q: What happens when using a Van de Graaff generator?

The generator produces a high charge, causing positive charges to build up on the doll's hair. The individual strands of hair repel each other, creating a static effect and making the hair stand up.

Q: How does the plasma ball make the doll's eyes light up?

The plasma ball emits electrical energy, which knocks off electrons from a gas inside the fluorescent light bulb inside the doll's head, producing light.

Q: What other science experiments do they perform in the video?

In addition to the mentioned experiments, they also pour carbon dioxide gas from the dry ice into a candle, and they use a Van de Graaff generator to levitate pie tins.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Physics Girl and iJustine perform scary science experiments, starting with dry ice that makes a spoon scream.

  • They then use a Van de Graaff generator to create electrical reactions, causing sparks and making their hair stand up.

  • The video concludes with a creepy doll connected to a plasma ball, causing its eyes to light up.

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