30 Years of Business Knowledge in 2hrs 26mins | Summary and Q&A

March 27, 2024
Simon Squibb
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30 Years of Business Knowledge in 2hrs 26mins


Learn from a successful business owner with over 30 years of experience as he shares valuable advice on starting, growing, and marketing a business.

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Key Insights

  • 🥰 Follow your passions and build a business around something you love to do.
  • 🤔 Delay gratification, focus on building value, and think long-term.
  • ✳️ Embrace failure, learn from it, and don't be afraid to take risks.
  • 🪡 Sell the sizzle, not the steak, and understand your customers' needs.
  • 👯 Marketing is about connecting with people and building relationships.
  • ❓ Build systems to effectively execute marketing strategies.
  • 👨‍💼 Find purpose in your business and make a difference in the world.
  • ❓ Consider partnering with others and leverage their expertise for growth.


I am good at only one thing business for the last 30 years I built 19 companies and invested in 78 startups people ask me every day to be their mentor and to help them and they've even offered me £10,000 to help them just for one day in business I don't want to charge people for help I want to give you the knowledge for free and today I'm going to ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the speaker's background and why should we listen to his advice?

The speaker is a successful business owner with 30 years of experience, having built 19 companies and invested in 78 startups. His track record speaks for itself, and he provides valuable insights based on his firsthand experiences.

Q: How can someone start a business with no money?

The speaker believes that starting a business begins with following your passions and finding what you love to do. By leveraging your hobbies and interests, you can evolve your skills and create a business around them. Additionally, he suggests finding a partner or outsourcing tasks you don't enjoy.

Q: How can one find purpose in their business?

Finding purpose involves understanding the problem you want to solve and aligning your business with it. By focusing on making a difference in the world and not solely pursuing profit, you can motivate yourself, your team, and your customers to work with you.

Q: How can one find a co-founder for their business?

To find a co-founder, the speaker advises identifying what you love and what you don't love doing. Then, clearly define the qualities and characteristics you seek in a co-founder and actively search for potential partners. Networking, posting on platforms, and leveraging personal connections can help in finding the right fit.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker shares his expertise gained from building 19 companies and investing in 78 startups over the course of 30 years in business.

  • He covers a wide range of topics, including starting a business with no money, finding purpose, finding a co-founder, selling, marketing, and more.

  • He emphasizes the importance of following your passions, embracing failure, and taking calculated risks.

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