2018 EMMYS FASHION REVIEW // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

September 18, 2018
Grace Helbig
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2018 EMMYS FASHION REVIEW // Grace Helbig


Grace Helbig reviews the red carpet fashion at the Emmys, expressing her opinions on various celebrities' outfits.

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Key Insights

  • 🧍 Tracee Ellis Ross stood out with her bold and voluminous dress, inspiring others with her fashion choices.
  • 👏 Grace admires confidence in fashion and praises Natasha Lyonne and Yara Shahidi for their unique styles.
  • 🦷 Quirky accessories and details, such as vampire teeth, can be cute and add personality to an outfit.
  • ❓ Alison Brie, Sarah Silverman, and Samantha Bee showcased fashionable and unique appearances at the Emmys.
  • 📱 Grace appreciates the smart choices made by Evan Rachel Wood and Nicely Jones, who combined fashion, comfort, and inclusivity in their outfits.
  • ❓ Laura Dern's outfit was a mix of various styles, demonstrating multiple identities in one garment.
  • 😎 Ozzy Beats impressed with a cool and intimidating Renaissance and Game of Thrones-inspired outfit.


you know what time it is tool time as appropriate there's a lot of people who are tools in Hollywood no hi my name is grace Helbig no no your name like it's different now if this is your first grace Helbig red carpet fashion review welcome you're gonna love it or hate it there's hardly any in between and if you're not new that means that you love i... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Who stood out in Grace Helbig's red carpet fashion review?

According to Grace, Tracee Ellis Ross, Natasha Lyonne, Yara Shahidi, and Alison Brie were some of the celebrities who stood out with their unique and stylish outfits.

Q: What did Grace think about Fred Armisen's outfit?

Grace jokingly comments on Fred Armisen's outfit, suggesting that he may be wearing vampire teeth or that he had an accident. Nevertheless, she finds his quirky style cute and commendable.

Q: How does Grace describe Laura Dern's outfit?

Grace describes Laura Dern's outfit as having multiple identities, combining elements of Paula Abdul, Sandy Dee, and Game of Thrones. She finds it interesting and unique.

Q: What does Grace say about Sarah Paulson's outfit?

Grace loves Sarah Paulson's sleek and modern top, contrasting it with the bottom half that she humorously compares to someone letting their pubes grow out for years. Overall, she supports both aspects of the outfit.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Grace Helbig reviews the red carpet fashion at the Emmys, sharing her thoughts on different celebrities' outfits.

  • She praises Tracee Ellis Ross for her unique and bold choice of a voluminous dress.

  • Grace admires Natasha Lyonne's confidence and quirky style, expressing her love for the vampire teeth accessory.

  • She compliments Yara Shahidi for her elegant and fashionable attire.

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