12 Tasty Photo + Video Tips | Chase Jarvis RAW | ChaseJarvis | Summary and Q&A

June 4, 2010
Chase Jarvis
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12 Tasty Photo + Video Tips | Chase Jarvis RAW | ChaseJarvis


Learn how to take great pictures with different cameras, from point-and-shoots to high-end DSLRs, using simple techniques and affordable equipment.

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Key Insights

  • ❤️‍🩹 High-end equipment is not always necessary to produce amazing photography or video content.
  • 💱 Simple techniques like panning, changing perspectives, and utilizing available lighting can greatly enhance your images.
  • 🎴 Investing in affordable accessories like clamps and ultra cards can expand the capabilities of your cameras.
  • 🧑‍🦼 Professional camera movement can be achieved on a budget using DIY solutions like PVC frames and skateboard wheels.
  • 🗯️ It's important to choose the right storage card for your camera, considering factors like capacity and speed.
  • 😥 Point-and-shoot cameras, when used creatively, can produce impressive results.
  • 🖐️ Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, and techniques like underexposing and using flashes can create dramatic effects.


hey everybody how's it going I'm Chase Jarvis typically our shoots involve huge Crews and a bunch of really expensive high-end equipment but for a long time you've been asking if we would maybe make some videos that feature some stuff that wasn't so highend maybe a little more accessible well that happens to coincide perfectly with the fact that I'... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you take professional-looking photos with a point-and-shoot camera?

Absolutely! By utilizing techniques like continuous mode and investing in an ultra card for better storage, you can capture high-quality images even with a simple point-and-shoot camera.

Q: How can I achieve dramatic lighting in my photos?

Underexposing the background by a couple of stops and using a flash to fill in the subject can create a dramatic effect. This can be accomplished with both high-end DSLRs and even a D90 and an SB-800 flash for those with a tighter budget.

Q: How can I capture the movement of subjects in my photos?

By using a slow shutter speed and panning with the subjects, you can create a dynamic image where the subject is in focus and the surroundings are blurred. This technique works with any camera, regardless of its specifications.

Q: Is it possible to achieve professional-looking videos on a budget?

Yes, you can mimic professional camera movement by using simple and affordable setups like a skateboard and a hat as camera supports. Using adhesive mounts or helmet cameras can also produce great video footage without breaking the bank.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • This video showcases tips and tricks for taking great pictures with a wide range of cameras and accessories, from point-and-shoots to DSLRs.

  • It demonstrates techniques such as using continuous mode and accessories like clamps to enhance your photography.

  • The video also provides insights on lighting, capturing movement, using remote cameras, and changing perspectives.

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