12 Laws Of Power For Life - Robert Greene | Modern Wisdom Podcast 383 | Summary and Q&A

October 11, 2021
Chris Williamson
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12 Laws Of Power For Life - Robert Greene | Modern Wisdom Podcast 383


Protect and prioritize your valuable time, avoid getting caught up in group dynamics, and embrace your smallness to gain true power.

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Key Insights

  • 😚 The temptation to respond to trivial annoyances should be resisted, as time lost can never be regained.
  • 🤔 Group dynamics can lead to madness and cloud individual rationality, so it is crucial to maintain independent thinking.
  • 👥 Doubting, reflecting, and considering other options as an individual protects against falling victim to group mentalities.


you have so much time to live it's your time you possess it it's your empire it's your treasure within you and it can be 60 years it could be 20 years whatever it is it's yours and you can inadvertently give it away by wasting your time by getting involved in people's trivial fights by working for other people that you hate they own your time you h... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can wasting time and working for others impact our own power?

When we waste our time on unimportant matters or work for people we dislike, we inadvertently give away our most valuable possession - our time. Our goal should be to prioritize and protect our time to maintain control over our own lives.

Q: How did Robert Greene find success and what lesson can we learn from his journey?

Despite facing numerous job changes and bouts of self-doubt, Robert Greene never gave up on his talent as a writer. His persistence and refusal to give in to negativity ultimately paid off, teaching us the importance of believing in our own abilities.

Q: What is the difference between power and status?

Power is an inner quality that encompasses control over emotions, strategic thinking, and the ability to influence others. Status, on the other hand, refers to one's position or social standing, which may not necessarily reflect their true power.

Q: How can the concept of negative capability be applied to our lives?

Negative capability involves letting go of certainty and embracing the unknown. By suspending the need to judge everything and entertaining opposing viewpoints, we can break free from rigid thinking patterns and open ourselves to new possibilities.

Q: How can remaking ourselves into powerful characters affect our lives?

By considering ourselves as artists who can shape our own image, we gain control over how others perceive us. Constantly reinventing ourselves and adapting to different personas can create a sense of intrigue and power.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Your time is your most precious possession; don't waste it on trivial matters or working for people you despise.

  • Recognize the power of perseverance and always believe in your own talents, even in the face of self-doubt.

  • People are naturally attracted to and seek power, but often disguise it under other motives like changing the world or pursuing their passions.

  • Power is an inner quality tied to self-awareness, control of emotions, and the ability to strategize for success.

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