10 Ways I Use My iPad as a Computer Science PhD Student | Summary and Q&A

February 16, 2022
PhD and Productivity
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10 Ways I Use My iPad as a Computer Science PhD Student


Learn how to maximize the utility of an iPad as a computer science Ph.D. student, from reading and annotating papers to brainstorming and writing notes.

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Key Insights

  • 🗯️ The iPad, coupled with the right accessories, can effectively replace physical paper and streamline a Ph.D. student's workflow.
  • 😃 The paper-like screen protector significantly enhances the writing experience and reduces eye strain during reading.
  • 😀 GoodNotes 5 is a versatile app for reading, annotating, and organizing research papers, as well as for note-taking and journaling.


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Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the content creator choose the standard iPad over the iPad Pro?

The content creator opted for the standard iPad because their Ph.D. work in computer science did not require heavy usage or programming. The iPad's basic features were sufficient for their needs.

Q: How does the paper-like screen protector enhance the iPad experience?

The paper-like screen protector provides a texture similar to paper, enhancing the writing experience and making it feel more authentic. It also reduces eye strain during reading and feels more controllable when using the Apple Pencil.

Q: What role does GoodNotes 5 play in the content creator's workflow?

GoodNotes 5 is used for reading scientific papers, annotating PDFs, and organizing notes. It allows for keyword searches within notes, making it easier to find specific information. Additionally, it can convert handwritten notes into text for easy integration into other platforms like Notion.

Q: How does the iPad help with brainstorming and creativity?

The iPad, especially when used with a stylus, provides a conducive environment for brainstorming ideas. The content creator recommends setting a time limit and forcing oneself to brainstorm for the full duration. The iPad's portability and versatility make it an excellent tool for creative problem-solving.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The iPad, paired with the right accessories like a paper-like screen protector and Apple Pencil, can replace the need for physical paper in a Ph.D. student's life.

  • GoodNotes 5 is a recommended app for reading papers, highlighting and annotating PDFs, and organizing notes.

  • The iPad is useful for various writing tasks, including note-taking, journaling, brainstorming, and creating drafts for papers and YouTube videos.

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