10 Tips to Actually Read 100 Books in 2024 | Summary and Q&A

December 15, 2023
Ali Abdaal
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10 Tips to Actually Read 100 Books in 2024


This video shares 10 tips on how to read more consistently and enjoy the process, including reading what you love, quitting books if not enjoying them, and using tools like Kindles and audiobooks.

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Key Insights

  • 📚 Reading what you love: The key to consistent reading is to start with books that excite you and build a love for reading from there. Don't feel pressured to read difficult or classic books right away.
  • 💥 It's okay to quit books: Treat books as a form of content delivery and don't feel obligated to finish a book if it's not resonating with you. Set it aside for now and start something new that you are more excited about.
  • 💰 The value of buying books: Books are relatively inexpensive compared to the amount of knowledge and experience they contain. Consider buying books whenever you come across a recommendation that interests you.
  • 📖 Read multiple books at once: Embrace reading multiple books simultaneously to match your mood and interests. It keeps the reading experience exciting and prevents feeling stuck with one book you're not currently interested in.
  • 🎧 The benefits of audiobooks: Audiobooks make reading more accessible and can be enjoyed while doing other tasks. They can help with getting through dense or challenging books that might be difficult to read in print.
  • 📱 Shape your physical and digital environment: Keep physical books easily accessible, such as on your bedside table, to encourage reading. Design your phone's home screen to prioritize reading apps and limit access to social media apps.
  • 📚 Get a Kindle or e-reader: A Kindle or e-reader allows you to have a library of books at your fingertips and makes reading more convenient and portable.
  • 🎮 Gamify your reading process: Use platforms like Goodreads or other reading apps to set reading challenges, track your progress, and turn reading into a fun game.
  • 💫 Change your identity as a reader: Embrace the identity of someone who reads and values books. This shift in mindset can make it easier to prioritize reading and engage in the habit consistently.
  • 💯 Focus on enjoyment, not the numbers: Rather than obsessing over how many books you read in a year, prioritize enjoying the process of reading and gaining insights from the books you choose. Quality over quantity.


hey friends welcome back to the channel so over the last 12 years reading has added more value to my life than anything I've ever done or anyone I've met so in this video I want to share 10 of my top tips for reading more consistently and if you follow the tips in this video then there's a high chance you might even be able to read 100 books a year... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the speaker mention reading what you love until you love to read?

The speaker suggests reading what you love until you love to read as it helps build a habit and makes the reading process more enjoyable. It allows readers to start with books that excite them and gradually move on to more challenging reads. This approach helps overcome the perception that reading is difficult or a chore, making it easier to consistently read and eventually discover a wide variety of books.

Q: How does the speaker encourage readers to quit books they are not enjoying?

The speaker suggests that quitting books while in the middle of reading them is perfectly okay. They compare books to other forms of content delivery, such as YouTube videos, emphasizing that if a video is not providing value, one wouldn't hesitate to switch to another video. The same approach can be applied to books. If a book is not enjoyable or valuable to the reader, they should feel free to abandon it and move on to something that they find more engaging. This mindset relieves the pressure to finish every book started and allows for a more enjoyable reading experience overall.

Q: Why does the speaker recommend buying books rather than borrowing or acquiring them through other means?

The speaker recommends buying books because of the tremendous effort and value that goes into their creation. They highlight the countless hours of work, editing, fact-checking, and research that authors and publishers invest in books. By purchasing books, readers show appreciation and support for the authors' work. Additionally, the relatively low cost of books compared to the knowledge and experiences they provide makes them a worthwhile investment. However, the speaker also acknowledges that there are alternative ways to acquire books, such as libraries or free digital resources, for those who don't have the financial means.

Q: How does the speaker suggest using a Kindle to read more consistently?

The speaker highly recommends using a Kindle or e-reader device for a more convenient and consistent reading experience. They highlight the portability and lightweight nature of Kindle devices, allowing readers to carry their entire library wherever they go. This ensures that there are no barriers to reading, even while traveling or in different environments. Additionally, the Kindle app on smartphones provides access to books on the go. By having easy access to books through a Kindle device or app, readers are more likely to read consistently and make use of otherwise idle moments throughout the day.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Tip 1: Read what you love until you love to read, starting with books that excite you and gradually tackling more challenging reads.

  • Tip 2: It's okay to quit books if you're not enjoying them, treating books like any other form of content consumption.

  • Tip 3: Always buy books because they offer valuable knowledge and experiences for a small cost.

  • Tip 4: Read multiple books at once to have variety and avoid feeling stuck with one book.

  • Tip 5: Try audiobooks, which allow for reading while doing other activities and make it easier to get through certain types of books.

  • Tip 6: Shape your environment by having easy access to books, both in physical and digital forms.

  • Tip 7: Get a Kindle or e-reader device for a convenient and lightweight reading experience.

  • Tip 8: Consider using Goodreads or similar apps to gamify your reading process and track progress.

  • Tip 9: Change your identity to that of a reader, which makes it easier to prioritize reading and build the habit.

  • Tip 10: Don't focus on the numbers, such as reading a specific number of books per year, and instead focus on enjoying the process and gaining insights.

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