10 BEST Mac Apps for Productivity! | Summary and Q&A

April 26, 2022
Jeff Su
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10 BEST Mac Apps for Productivity!


"Discover the top 10 Mac productivity apps that can enhance your efficiency and streamline your workflow."

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Drop Zone 4 simplifies file transfer and combination on Mac, making it a versatile productivity app.
  • 🪟 Alt Tab provides convenient window selection, improving multitasking efficiency.
  • 👻 Monitor Control allows easy brightness control for multiple monitors, enhancing the user experience.
  • 💻 Moom and Rectangle offer window snapping functionalities for better screen management.
  • 💱 Nume simplifies currency conversions, facilitating financial calculations.
  • 👤 Cheat Sheet helps users quickly find and learn hotkeys for increased productivity.
  • 😀 App Cleaner makes app uninstallation more efficient, removing associated files as well.
  • 💄 CleanShot X offers advanced screenshot editing and sharing capabilities, making it a valuable asset for content creation or communication.
  • 😀 Alfred serves as a powerful replacement for Spotlight search, offering app launching, file searching, system commands, and more.


why is this so messy hmm let's get started hi friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here my name is jeff come for the best productivity apps for the mac and stay for the dual monitor setup diving right into one of my favorite mac apps of late drop zone 4 a feature i use every single day is dragging a file up to the drop zone grid that a... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Drop Zone 4 simplify file transfer on Mac?

Drop Zone 4 allows you to drag files onto a drop zone grid and easily transfer them to your iPhone, iPad, or other applications. You can combine different file types and even create packages for easy sharing.

Q: Can Alt Tab help with multitasking on Mac?

Yes, Alt Tab lets you select specific windows instead of entire applications, making multitasking more efficient. You can switch between windows of a specific app without bringing all windows to the front.

Q: What are the advantages of using CleanShot X for screenshots?

CleanShot X offers extensive editing options, including annotations, blur effects, and highlighting. It allows easy sharing, copying to clipboard, or uploading to the cloud. It also supports capturing rounded window screenshots with transparent backgrounds.

Q: How can Alfred enhance productivity on a Mac?

Alfred replaces Spotlight search and offers features like launching apps, quick file searching, and direct searches on Google, Amazon, and YouTube. It can also perform system commands and offers additional functionalities like clipboard history and text snippets.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Drop Zone 4: A versatile app that allows easy file transfer and combination of different file types.

  • Alt Tab: A Mac app that enables you to select specific windows instead of entire applications for better multitasking.

  • Monitor Control: An app that provides convenient control over the brightness of multiple monitors.

  • Moom: An app for snapping windows to pre-arranged positions on displays.

  • Nume: A currency conversion app that simplifies monetary calculations.

  • Cheat Sheet: An app that displays hotkeys and shortcuts for the active app, boosting productivity.

  • App Cleaner: An efficient tool for uninstalling applications and removing associated files.

  • CleanShot X: A feature-rich screenshot tool with editing capabilities and various sharing options.

  • Alfred: A comprehensive app that replaces Spotlight search with advanced features like app opening, file searching, and system commands.

  • Logi Options: An essential app for Logitech product users to customize button functionalities.

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