Amber Heard Demanded $14M Tax-Free in Divorce Settlement (L&C Daily)

April 29, 2022
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Amber Heard Demanded $14M Tax-Free in Divorce Settlement (L&C Daily)

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During the defamation trial on Thursday, we saw Johnny Depp's business manager take the stand and testify about Amber Heard's financial demands in the divorce settlement. When it was all set and done, Heard's demands added up to over $14 million. ACLU COO, Terence Dougherty, also testified on the events leading up to the publishing of Heard's Op-Ed in the Washington Post and how much Heard actually donated to the ACLU.

In other news, both sides rested their cases in the trial of Billy Chemirmir. Court exhibits were presented to the jury showing Chemirmir near the victim. Plus, Derek Chauvin is appealing his murder conviction for the killing of George Floyd.

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