Ye Mangni Koi Deal Thi Kia...?? #ameergilani #dananeermobeen - Very Filmy - HUM TV

March 28, 2024
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Ye Mangni Koi Deal Thi Kia...?? #ameergilani #dananeermobeen - Very Filmy - HUM TV

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Very Filmy - Episode 17 - 28 March 2024 - Sponsored By Foodpanda, Mothercare & Ujooba Beauty Cream

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Compelled to tie the knot despite the drive for different destinations, Daniya and Rohaan, played by Dananeer Mobeen and Ameer Gilani, are weaved in the drape of love by fate. Rohaan, arriving from abroad, is hesitant to marry a desi girl he's never met. However, under pressure from his parents, he agrees. But to both of their surprise, love awaits right behind the stretch.

Writer: Muhammad Ahmed

Director: Ali Hassan

Producer: Momina Duraid Productions


Dananeer Mobeen,...

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