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December 12, 2023
The Evidence-Based Investor
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Welcome to the TEBI YouTube channel

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Who do you turn to for guidance on investing?

Maybe it’s your brother-in-law, or that colleague at work who always seems to be making quick profits?

Perhaps you follow traders on social media who boast about their winning strategies?

Or maybe you read those tips in the weekend papers that seem so plausible?

But no one can predict the future.. and only a tiny proportion of investors genuinely outperform in the long run, including the professionals.

The evidence shows us that most of us are better off using simple, low-cost funds that track the whole market.

It tells us to be broadly diversified, to focus on the long term, and to keep our emotions and biases in check.

These videos are aimed at everyone who wants to improve their investment outcomes.

As well as invest...

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