Henry IV, Part 1 | Act 5, Scene 5

December 23, 2020
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Henry IV, Part 1 | Act 5, Scene 5

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan provides an in-depth summary and analysis of Act 5, Scene 5 of William Shakespeare's play Henry IV, Part 1.

Download the free study guide and infographic for Henry IV here: https://www.coursehero.com/lit/Henry-VI-Part-1/infographic/

A history play written by William Shakespeare, Henry IV is based on the kingship of Henry Bolingbroke, who was king of England from 1399 to 1413. Timeless themes of honor, father-son relationships, and political order are at the center of this classic work of literature that revolves around King Henry, a noblem...

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