BTS - Telepathy - Musician's Reaction | Summary and Q&A

November 24, 2020
Jacob Restituto
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BTS - Telepathy - Musician's Reaction


In this reaction video, Jacob Restituto analyzes the song "Telepathy" by BTS, focusing on the production, vocals, and rhythmic elements.

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Key Insights

  • 😒 Jacob highlights the impressive vocal layering and use of funky guitar rhythms in BTS's "Telepathy."
  • ❓ He appreciates the unique bass rhythm that gives the song a catchy and bouncy feel.
  • 🔇 Jacob acknowledges the skillful production and attention to detail in creating the muted bass sound.
  • 😒 He enjoys the use of rhythmic elements and the overall 80s-style vibe of the song.
  • 👏 Jacob praises BTS's ability to create a cohesive sound despite having multiple members singing.
  • 😃 He emphasizes the importance of vocal layering in big groups like BTS to avoid overwhelming the listener.
  • 💄 Jacob suggests that the catchy bass rhythm of "Telepathy" makes it an easy song to bop along to.

Questions & Answers

Q: What aspects of songs does Jacob typically analyze in his reaction videos?

In his reaction videos, Jacob likes to break down and analyze aspects such as lyrics, production, mixing, and other elements that contribute to a song's overall quality and appeal.

Q: How does Jacob describe the bass sound in BTS's "Telepathy"?

Jacob compares the bass sound to being played in a separate room, creating a muted effect that adds depth to the song.

Q: What is unique about the bass rhythm in "Telepathy"?

The bass rhythm in "Telepathy" is on the upbeat, which is different from the usual downbeat rhythm in most music. This upbeat rhythm contributes to the song's catchy and bouncy feel.

Q: How does BTS use layered vocals in "Telepathy"?

BTS utilizes layered vocals in the song, with multiple members singing different parts. This technique adds depth and variety to the vocals without overwhelming the listener.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Jacob Restituto is a musician who breaks down and analyzes various aspects of songs in his reaction videos.

  • He discusses the production, vocals, and rhythmic elements of BTS's song "Telepathy."

  • Jacob points out the use of layered vocals, funky guitar rhythms, and the unique bass rhythm in the song.

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