The Sky Is Not My Limit | Omar Fikry | TEDxKhartoum Square

January 11, 2024
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The Sky Is Not My Limit | Omar Fikry | TEDxKhartoum Square

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Discover the challenges, triumphs, and personal transformation that propelled this visionary to push boundaries and achieve groundbreaking discoveries. Get inspired as we explore the frontiers of human potential and the limitless possibilities beyond our earthly boundaries. Suitable for all ages, this talk is perfect for educational events, conferences, and those with a passion for space exploration and personal growth. Dare to dream big and defy what was once considered impossible in this transformative experience. Dr. Omar Fikry is a leading expert in astrophysics with a specialization in solar physics. He holds a BSc in astronomy from Cairo University earned in 1987, followed by an MSc in the same field from the same institution in 1992. Dr. Fikry then pursued his PhD studies at Alexand...

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