Ask Your Investors These 2 Questions - Amit Somani

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Ask Your Investors These 2 Questions - Amit Somani

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As an entrepreneur, you're pitching many different investors and they ask you lots and lots of questions. I think you deserve to ask every investor two questions that most entrepreneurs unfortunately don't.

First. What kind of risks are you willing to take as an investor? Investors, of course, are investing and there are many different risks that are there.

There could be a product risk, there could be a team risk, a go to market risk, perhaps even a business model risk, and not all investors are comfortable taking all risks.

The second question that you should ask your investor is, what is their view of your sector or the area? What are the bases on which they're evaluating that particular opportunity, perhaps that industry, perhaps other startups in that industry. Again, rea...

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