Jordan Peterson - Should You Get Married? | Summary and Q&A

March 4, 2022
Chris Williamson
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Jordan Peterson - Should You Get Married?


Commitment in relationships involves inevitable pain and difficult growth, but it also provides an opportunity for radical positive change.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What does Carl Jung's perspective on marriage suggest about the challenges of commitment?

Jung believed that marriage symbolizes a process of purification, requiring heat and pressure for growth. This means facing difficulties and changes together, even when temptation to escape arises.

Q: How does commitment in a relationship serve as a beneficial adversary?

Commitment creates an adversarial relationship in which both partners must work through conflicts and challenges. This intense bond ensures that growth and transformation occur, leading to positive changes in the relationship.

Q: Why is escape not a viable solution for relationship challenges?

Escape may seem like a solution, but it ultimately leads to the repetition of problems in future relationships. It is important to recognize that the common denominator in relationship difficulties is oneself, and escape does not resolve this underlying issue.

Q: Is marriage a prison or a meaningful container for growth?

Marriage is not a prison, but rather a complex and challenging space for personal growth. It requires negotiation, compromise, and the willingness to confront difficulties, but it also offers the opportunity for transformation and deeper understanding.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Committing to someone means facing future challenges together, rather than easily escaping when things get tough.

  • Marriage, according to Carl Jung, is a symbolically transformative process that requires heat and pressure for purification and growth.

  • Radical changes may be necessary to maintain a relationship, and the vow of commitment serves to intensify the transformation process.

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