NEVER hold a grudge | Summary and Q&A

May 19, 2017
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NEVER hold a grudge


Failure is an essential part of success, and the key to overcoming failure is perseverance and self-belief.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did the speaker deal with the failure of a theatrical performance?

The speaker cried and felt devastated by their poor performance, leading to a period of reflection and self-discovery. Ultimately, it helped them embrace their true self and follow their own path.

Q: Did the speaker have feelings of resentment towards those who didn't support them?

Yes, the speaker admits to holding grudges and feeling resentment towards the theater industry in New York. However, they emphasize the importance of letting go of resentment and having an open heart on one's journey towards success.

Q: Is success the speaker's way of seeking revenge?

No, the speaker warns against using success as a means of seeking revenge. They believe it leads to a false sense of self and a constant need to prove oneself, which can be detrimental to personal growth and relationships.

Q: How did the speaker overcome rejection and constant struggle?

The speaker persevered and focused on their goal of becoming a better actor. They took workshops, did readings, collaborated with friends, and never gave up on honing their skills. This dedication eventually led to better opportunities.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Failure is often stigmatized but is necessary for success.

  • The speaker shares their personal experiences of starting from the bottom and continuously working on their craft.

  • The speaker mentions a transformative failure that led to a change in perspective and ultimately opened doors for success.

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