25 New-to-Me Books! | Spring Book Haul | Summary and Q&A

April 25, 2021
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25 New-to-Me Books! | Spring Book Haul


Olive shares a haul of 25 new books for spring, ranging from fiction to food writing and bird books.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the premise of "Lullabies for Little Criminals"?

"Lullabies for Little Criminals" is a novel by Heather O'Neill that follows a 13-year-old girl being raised by her heroin-addict father. The story explores her talent for storytelling and the challenges she faces due to her beauty.

Q: What makes "Father of the Rain" by Lily King a favorite novel?

Olive loved "Father of the Rain" because she is a fan of Lily King's writing style. The book follows a young woman and her alcoholic father, and Olive appreciates King's ability to create captivating characters and memorable stories.

Q: Why did Olive pick up books on food writing?

Olive has recently developed an interest in food writing and has been drawn to books that incorporate this theme. While she cannot fully explain her fascination, she felt that these books were appropriate for the spring season.

Q: What is unique about "The Book of Difficult Fruit" by Kate Lebo?

"The Book of Difficult Fruit" is an essay collection that combines natural, cultural, personal, and medical history, with each essay centered around a different fruit. Olive was drawn to this book after reading a positive review in The New York Times.

Q: What is the focus of "An Ecology of Enchantment" by Dez Kennedy?

"An Ecology of Enchantment" is a memoir that explores the author's year spent in a garden. Olive, who is an amateur gardener herself, was intrigued by the book's focus on nature, wildlife, and the history of the area.

Q: What is the topic of "Imperial Majesty: A Natural History of the Purple Emperor"?

"Imperial Majesty" is a book by Matthew Oates that delves into the life and history of the purple emperor butterfly. Olive finds the subject matter fascinating and was excited to add this book to her collection of bird-related literature.

Q: What is the main theme of "Unbowed" by Wangari Mathai?

"Unbowed" is a memoir by Wangari Mathai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner known for establishing the Greenbelt Movement in Kenya. The book explores Mathai's life, her environmental activism, and her contributions to society.

Q: What is the appeal of "World of Wonders" by Amy Nizukumatathil?

"World of Wonders" is a collection of lyrical essays about various creatures and organisms, interspersed with elements of memoir. The book has received widespread acclaim, and Olive believes it will be a highly enjoyable read.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Olive has acquired 25 new books for her reading room, sorted by season, and shares the spring-themed books in this video.

  • She discusses two novels she picked up, "Lullabies for Little Criminals" by Heather O'Neill and "Father of the Rain" by Lily King.

  • Olive shares several books on food writing, including "Lunch in Paris" by Elizabeth Bard and "Chronicles of a Radical Hag" by Lorna Landvik.

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