Life is Hard — God is Good - Louie Giglio | Summary and Q&A

May 18, 2020
Passion City Church
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Life is Hard — God is Good - Louie Giglio


In the midst of a global pandemic, life's challenges remind us of the certainty that life is hard, but underlying it all is the assurance that God is good.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Life is hard, but God is good. This refrain offers assurance and hope in the face of challenges.
  • ❓ A personal relationship with God is vital in truly understanding His goodness and experiencing His faithfulness.
  • 🤙 Endurance and perseverance in faith are possible when we grasp the true nature of the gospel and have a sense of calling on our lives.
  • ❓ Our ordinary actions can have an extraordinary impact in God's eternal story.

Questions & Answers

Q: How can we internalize the idea that life is hard and God is good beyond just superficially repeating the phrase?

Internalizing this concept requires a personal relationship with God, where we experience His goodness firsthand and witness His faithfulness even in the midst of hardships. By constantly seeking His presence, studying His Word, and relying on Him for strength, we can truly believe that God is good.

Q: What is the significance of Paul's endurance and perseverance in his faith despite facing numerous hardships?

Paul's ability to endure hardships was rooted in his personal encounter with Jesus and his understanding of the grace and calling on his life. He knew that his actions, even the seemingly ordinary ones, were being used by God to write an extraordinary eternal story. This conviction gave him hope and the assurance that at the end of his journey, he would see Jesus face-to-face.

Q: How can we apply Paul's example to our own lives?

Like Paul, we should view our faith as personal and not just a set of beliefs inherited from others. We need to have a grace awakening, understanding the true nature of the gospel and embracing God's grace in our lives. Additionally, we should recognize that we have a new calling on our lives as believers, and that our ordinary actions can be used by God for extraordinary purposes.

Q: How can we maintain hope and endurance in the midst of life's challenges?

By zooming out and understanding that our present hardships are temporary compared to the eternal glory that awaits us. We should focus on the unseen, trusting in God's goodness and allowing Him to redeem our pain and sorrow. Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and the promise of a crown of righteousness gives us the strength to persevere.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Graduation speech highlights the lessons learned during the global pandemic, emphasizing that nothing in life is certain except that life is hard and God is good.

  • The speaker encourages graduates to not simply consider these phrases as cliches, but to deeply internalize their meaning and find strength in them.

  • The Apostle Paul's life and his ability to endure hardships and fight for his faith serve as inspiration for navigating the challenges of life.

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