The Gates Notes: Administrators in Los Altos | Summary and Q&A

August 27, 2011
Khan Academy
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The Gates Notes: Administrators in Los Altos


Khan Academy provides personalized learning opportunities for students, with instant feedback and valuable data for teachers.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What attracted teachers to Khan Academy?

Teachers were attracted to Khan Academy's ability to let students learn at their own pace and provide a seamless transition between classroom and home learning. They were impressed by the platform's interface and the complex data it provided to teachers.

Q: How does Khan Academy help differentiate instruction?

Khan Academy's interface allows students to work at their level and receive instantaneous feedback, which is not commonly available in traditional lecture models. This personalized learning opportunity helps students to progress at their own pace.

Q: How has Khan Academy impacted student engagement?

Khan Academy has made a significant impact in student engagement as students are talking and excitedly discussing math. It provides appropriate challenges and enables math superstars to push themselves and excel further.

Q: What is the role of parents in Khan Academy?

Khan Academy involves parents by allowing them to watch the instructional videos along with their children. This provides an opportunity for parents to engage in conversations about math and learning, fostering a supportive learning environment at home.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Khan Academy allows students to learn at their own pace, both in the classroom and at home, with a seamless transition between locations.

  • The platform's interface is student-friendly, while providing complex data to teachers, saving them hours of work.

  • Khan Academy is cost-effective compared to other math programs, and its real-time data helps principals and teachers monitor student progress and provide additional support.

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