lofi hip hop beats - LIVE MIX 2020 (music for productivity)

January 14, 2020
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lofi hip hop beats - LIVE MIX 2020 (music for productivity)

About the Video

We perform a live mix of chillhop / lofi from some of our favorite tunes. Had some fun early in 2020. Enjoy our continuous set of songs, mixed live by yours truly. Names of songs and artists provided below. We think productivity music, music for studying, relaxing, or for whatever reason is always warranted. Come back anytime to get productive or just hangout.

0:05 Spirit gang – I deserve to better (instrumental)

2:13 Yomoti – Restless Minds

3:18 Lax Superlative – Jay Troit

5:05 Frook – Linen

6:30 The New Fools – Lush Dreams

9:05 cajun koi - prego

12:53 cajun koi – Day Off

14:55 Sarah the Illstrumentalist – Purple Amethyst

17:12 cajun Koi – trouble

19:51 Yomoti – Second Side

21:04 SINY - Shokawa

22:21 Guustavv – Swank Attack

23:44 Bozooka – Tender Islands

26:20 Guustavv - ...

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