The birth of a new human | Ardeshir Rosstami | TEDxSafaeieh

January 5, 2024
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The birth of a new human | Ardeshir Rosstami | TEDxSafaeieh

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Do not become someone! Never become someone; do not name yourself, just flow in existence; the universe itself will find a name for you; if it wants to! Ardeshir Rostami is a versatile Iranian artist known for his work in caricature, illustration, sculpture, architecture, fashion design, poetry, and acting. Despite a challenging family background, he briefly worked as an ice cream seller and street vendor. Ardeshir started writing in his late teens, initially producing weak pieces. However, extensive reading influenced his writing and led to significant improvement. Ardeshir gained recognition for his acting skills after his cartoons were published in various magazines. He is now regarded as a prodigy in poetry and literature. With a vast repertoire of memorized poems and profound knowledg...

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